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Star TV appoints Ideazfirst - Cabrand to promote "Isti Kutum" Serial

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Kolkata, July 31, 2013

Star TV's bangla channel Star Jalsa wanted to increase the awareness and viewership of its popular TV bengali soap - ISTI KUTUM. Here, they wanted to promote the wedding of the lead character "BAHA" scheduled for telecast from 22nd July 2013 onwards.

Ideazfirst - Cabrand was appointed to provide 100 taxis with branding and floral decoration, to convey the wedding feeling as well as portraying that all the Kolkatans are attending the wedding of BAHA.

The channel's tag line "Chalo Paltai" [Means Let's Change"] was fulfilled by the innovative Road Show for the first time in Kolkata. Overall the objectives were to create curiosity and be the talk of the town among the Kolkatans.

This outdoor campaign was extremely successful, with almost every working individual seeing at least one branded & decorated taxi during their travel in Kolkata. These taxis were available for hire and were taking passengers as usual and reaching out to every nook and corner of the city. The channels TRP ratings of the soap increased with an excellent PR mileage. Star Jalsa social media pages especially Facebook page had huge number of likes and comments on the decorated taxi photos uploaded.

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Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd
Rajesh K Kishanpuriya
Mobile: +9198362-90990