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TimesPro, India, connects with Digital Agency 'PRDXN' to launch its mobile-responsive educational institute website

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Mumbai, April 28, 2014

To ensure that young professionals are well prepared for a journey towards a successful career in banking, TimesPro has launched their new website -

"Today's youth live in a completely digital era; smartphone adoption among India's young population has increased substantially. Mobile access to the internet is the new norm. In response to this environment, we (TimesPro) wanted to create a mobile-friendly website (as part of our larger, integrated digital strategy) to help our TimesPro users easily access information. To do so, we engaged PRDXN, our India-based Digital Agency. Their web-based execution expertise, along with their international management team, has guided us towards a cutting-edge digital strategy", says Mr. Deepak Lamba, President, Times Centre for Learning.

The new website involved a complete overhaul. Raj Rana, Co-Founder and Head of UX, PRDXN, believes that PRDXN's data-driven approach towards making website improvements, in addition to his team's deep appreciation for optimal web (and mobile-web) user experiences, have contributed to the new website's success.

"We wanted to ensure that TimesPro's target audience could easily find the information they were after, and also wanted to ensure that TimesPro was optimising their website from a customer acquisition and retention perspective" said Raj. "Executing optimal user experiences is at the heart of PRDXN's decision-making processes. A website user, or a potential customer who cannot find the information they are after, easily (including via their smartphone), is a lost opportunity for any business. We saw the bounce rate for TimesPro's new website reduce by more than 85% from the moment of re-launch."

Young professionals can get started on a TimesPro banking course from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Raj adds, "To our clients in India, we bring best practices that we've been exposed to from our significant international execution experience. The management team at PRDXN came together back in 2006 after a combined 29 years of experience abroad, with the likes of General Electric, MTV and The Bank of New York. As a Company, PRDXN remains deeply connected to 'all-things-web', given our clientele, and our frequent presence in the likes of NYC's 'Silicon Alley' and London's 'Silicon Roundabout'."

Mr. Lamba adds, "I am happy to report that PRDXN's improvements to TimesPro's website has resulted in a significant increase in course enrolments since it's re-launch, which is exactly what we were after (when we engaged with PRDXN)."

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