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Kannada Prabha celebrates 50 years of Publication

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Media Brief
National, February 01, 2018

Kannada Prabha, is one amongst the oldest serving and most trusted Kannada dailies in Karnataka. It has just turned 50 years in its unstoppable marathon of top quality Journalism.

Kannada Prabha was ounded by Freedom Fighter, Gandhian, Politician, Businessman cum Media Mogul, Ramnath Goenka in 1967. It hasinherited the ideals of its founder and has been practicing straight, bold and relentless journalism, since its first issue on 4th November, 1967.
Kannada Prabha was part of Indian Express fight against emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975. It played an active role in Indian Express's campaign against Ms.Gandhi and was instrumental in creating a public opinion in favour of the first non-Congress government at the Centre 1977. Under the editorship of Khadri Shamanna, Kannada Prabha published sharp and bold editorials against Indira Gandhi's 'dictatorship'.
Its fearless reports and accurate analysis were and are adored by the readers. Kannada Prabha also took a valiant stand on issues of the state and its people. The newspaper's support in favour of fight against Hindi imposition, the Gokak Agitation, the Cauvery dispute are a few examples for Kannada Prabha's pro-people reportage.

Kannada Prabha is now part of Asianet News Network media group.
Kannada Prabha has also scripted many firsts in Kannada Journalism. From publishing PUC results to bringing out special supplement on the occasion of Deepavali to publishing weekly exclusive magazines for women, commerce, cinema, health to printing daily calendar page to publishing daily serial have all been firsts recorded by Kannada Prabha in Kannada Journalism. Kannada Prabha's firsts also include, separate column for legal matters, students, Kannada Comics and colour printing. It brought out a 16-page dedicated edition when Kannada Matinee Idol Dr.Rajkumar passed away in 2006, another first for Kannada Journalism. The 138-page special edition brought out on the occasion of 50th year of formation of Karnataka State in the year 2007, was first of its kind.Also, Kannada Prabha is known for its multi-page detailed coverage of Union and State budgets.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary, the January 18th issue was a 134 page collectors edition which received rave reviews from readers and advertisers.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary, Kannada Prabha has also launched a mega project of selecting"Seven Wonders of Karnataka". Announced on 1st November 2017, the project aims at giving global recognition to innumerous destinations of the state of Karnataka, apart from identifying seven best places. Ravi Hegde - Editor in chief of Kannada Prabha said "The collectors issue released on the 18th of January included glimpses of 50-years journey of Kannada Prabha, details of its past editors, important happenings during the period and also the nomination part of the project "Seven Wonders of Karnataka"."
Segregated under four categories - Natural Wonders, Man Made Heritage Wonders, Man Made Modern Wonders and the Best Scenic Drives, the nominations edition showcased pictures and details of nearly 300 destinations. Further, nominations can also be done on will also be used for voting to select the seven wonders. Final selections would be made by the jury comprising of eminent citizens.

Amit Gupta - CEO of Asianet News Media and Entertainment said, " Its truly a proud moment for us to celebrate the 50th year of Kannada Prabha. With its very strong Digital news portal, Kannada Prabha is accessible to Kannadigas all over the world and with its sister News TV channel Suvarna News, Advertisers have a unbeatable combination to reach the Kannada speaking markets. I would on this momentous occasion like to thank and extend my gratitude to the entire editorial team and Mr. Ravi Hegde 'the steward" who has led this from the front and taken the brand from strength to strength."

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