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Mathrubhumi celebrates Women's Day by addressing gender equality bias on social media

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Mathrubhumi Ptg & Pub Co Ltd
Kochi, March 08, 2018

This Women's Day, Kerala's formidable media group Mathrubhumi addresses a basic question - How can we treat women better on social media?
This intuitive thought was initiated by presenting a similar content to our popular male RJ of our radio station Club FM and our female news reader of our news channel ( Mathrubhumi News) who spoke in their respective style and shared it on their social media pages. We observed that how people are not bothered about what is being said, but they are more bothered about who say's. Our female news presenter social post was flooded with abuses and sexist comments where as our male RJ received many praises and positive comments for his post. We created and posted a final video that brought this difference on the nature of reaction from the public to videos on the same topic when done by individuals of opposite sex.

Individual Videos
Female News Presenter:
Male RJ :
Final campaign video:
This provokes us to reemphasise the fact that man and women have equal rights in this world and it's our honour, pride and privilege to respect womanhood and manhood equally. We urge all our readers and well-wishers on social media to stop discriminating.

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Anupam Luthra