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Quintillion Media network races to 30Mn+ monthly unique visitors; bags 15 awards in September

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Press Release
About Quintillion Media
New Delhi, October 05, 2018

In a development that further bolsters its position as a top online publication and content creator, Quintillion Media, one of India's leading and fastest-growing digital content platforms, won big at the recent WAN-IFRA South Asia Digital Media Awards 2018 and Digipub Awards. The group's flagship products and took home prizes across 15 categories at both awards, including the 'Website of the Year - General News & Features' award in the English language category at Digipub. Bloomberg|Quint (BQ), a joint venture between Quintillion Media (74%) and Bloomberg Media (26%), won the 'Website of the Year (Business)' award in the English language category.

In just three years since its launch, Quintillion Media has reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 8 million followers on Facebook, redefining the digital news space in India. The platform has garnered more than 100 million pageviews and over 30 million unique visitors on its websites, along with 10 million unique visitors on YouTube in September. Quintillion Media also has a monthly reach of 170 million+ and nearly 1 billion impressions on Facebook, surpassing some of the biggest legacy media houses in the country.

The Quint's haul of 11 titles at the Digipub awards included Golds for 'Best Use of Social Media (English)' for the I Have A Question series; and for 'Best Article/Video Feature' for Bollywood Paparazzi. The Quint also won multiple Silvers, including 'Best Innovation in Publishing' for its Talking Stalking series and 'Best Article/Video Feature' for Rape is Consensual: Inside Haryana's Rape Culture. At the WAN-IFRA awards, Quintillion Media won awards across various categories such as 'Best Branded Project', 'Best in Social Media Engagement', 'Best Innovation to Engage Youth Audiences', and 'Best Use of Online Video (including VR)'.
Having established itself as one of the most popular channels for digitally-savvy Indian business news consumers, Bloomberg|Quint bagged the award for the best 'Social Media Engagement' at WAN-IFRA for its free, interactive, and opt-in WhatsApp subscription service All You Need to Know. As part of the service, readers are offered news snippets, podcasts, market updates, and breaking news through the messaging service, based on their interests and the topics they prefer to read about. The chatbot-style service and the hashtag-based search also allow users to check trending news, relevant stories, and stock prices in real-time. Bloomberg|Quint and leading news and commentary portal Swarajya, both supported by Quintype (a company funded by Quintillion Media), won Bronze and a Gold at WAN IFRA South Asia Digital Media Awards 2018.

Ritu Kapur, co-founder & CEO of Quintillion Media said, "We have consistently used technological innovations to transform the digital news space in India through our two platforms, Bloomberg|Quint and The Quint. The unique mix of strong, credible journalism and novel digital reporting formats has helped us achieve this amazing milestone and establish The Quint as the go-to-platform for young, digitally-savvy users to access high-quality and relevant news content. To be recognised at such a prestigious stage firmly consolidates our position among the leading online publishers in the country. Winning the 'Website of the Year' awards for both The Quint and Bloomberg|Quint just goes to show that audience engagement can be easily achieved through good quality content, no matter what the format is."

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