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Hindustan executes an industry first initiative - launches a special evening edition on India's air strike the same day

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Press Release
Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 28, 2019

Readers are always looking for news and content in the area of their interest leading to an increase in media consumption and emergence of an ever evolving consumer. Publications too are looking at unique solutions to satisfy this reader appetite.

Hindustan, understanding the reader's sentiment and her need, executed an industry-first initiative by coming out with a special evening bulletin across 5 states and 21 locations. Priced at a nominal Rs. 1 the special bulletin was very well received by readers across all locations who wanted to know more about the air-strike and get information that even TV channels were not able to provide.

Keeping the public sentiment in mind, besides the 8 page broadsheet - which was available in the market same day by 4 pm - Hindustan deployed On-ground, Radio, Digital and Social platform assets to amplify the reach of the new product. On-ground rallies "Tirangaa Yatra" was carried across 21 locations and 5 states showcasing solidarity to the Indian armed forces. A special digital edition was carried on and a WhatsApp bulletin was also shared to circulate authentic and credible information. The initiative was also supported by RJ mentions on our radio channels across UP and Delhi.

Hindustan has always stood for providing a new perspective and setting the tone of progress for its readers; and evangelizes the core brand positioning "Tarraki Ka Naya Nazariya". Our cross-media efforts in this initiative clearly demonstrate how Hindustan stayed ahead of the curve and delivered well beyond the usual news cycle", Rajan Bhalla, Group CMO, HT Media Ltd. said.

Shashi Shekhar, Editor-in-chief, Hindustan, said "All consumers have a deep hunger for quality and credible information. Our constant efforts were towards providing the most relevant, real and in-depth analysis of the airstrikes. The overwhelming response from readers and advertisers stands testimony to the relevance of print, over other mediums".

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