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Y&A Transformation helps Kerala Vision reimagine its business; Finds new steam of revenue

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Press Release
Kerala Vision Cable
Kerala, March 07, 2019

Kerala Vision Cable (KV) is the premier cable operator in Kerala, connecting 24 lac households, 50% penetration. They first succeeded in getting around 4000 individual cable operators from Kasargode to Trivandrum together under a body COA (Cable Operators Association). They then took another step in the right direction by successfully launching its satellite channel Kerala Vision; very first satellite channel owned by a cable consortium. The programming on the channel have been receiving encouraging reviews.

Y&A Transformation is a business transformation company, focused on helping its clients build the #NextPractices, erasing the #BestPractices legacy mindset, through agile, collaborative, adaptive and innovative methods of doing business in the areas of Technology, Data, Content, Customer Centricity, Customer Experience, CRM, CSR, Sustainability and Organization Culture.

Commenting on the KV transformation, S Yesduas, MD and Co-founder Y&A Transformation said "As transformation consultants, we are also focused on helping our clients find the next steam of revenue. Each of the 4000 cable operators service 300-600 households where personal relationship exists. Currently their visits are largely meant for collecting the subscription fee. In today's dynamic market where the focus is moving from selling products to building relationships with the customers, we are helping Kerala Vision reimagine their field strength by making it a sales channel which will take relevant products and services specifically curated and created by marketers for KV consumers, to door steps. It is an absolute win-win solution. The large base of KV customers is an attractive proposition for marketers, their sales and marketing costs reduces, they also get to use the KV channels for their promotion with very special packages. KV gets a special incentive on the actual conversion and they are also able to provide additional value to their customers. Deals have already been struck for products ranging from Gold Loan by a Bank to creating loyalty to a particular petroleum company".

Confirming the association, Rajmohan Mambra, MD, Kerala Vision said "Y&A Transformation is our business advisors. We are very pleased with the contributions they make on our business. They are involved with us in all aspects of our business, from distribution to programming to sales. I would urge marketers looking at Kerala as a market to get in touch with Y&A Transformation before they look elsewhere because what they can put together will be incomparable".

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