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Diageo India launches Rowson's Reserve

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Company Brief
Mumbai, October 03, 2011

Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks business, entered the Indian Made Foreign Liquor segment (IMFL) with the launch of ROWSON'S RESERVE™.

ROWSON'S RESERVE™ is a premium IMFL whisky. It is a blend of selected premium Indian whiskies and reserve stocks of the finest aged Scotch whisky matured in American Oak casks, that are mellowed to give a rich smooth finish.

It has a well rounded and balanced flavour profile, with a soft, lingering aftertaste. The sensory descriptors are - malt, oakwood, smokey, slightly peaty and complex in the background with dried fruit notes.
This whisky is a nostalgic tribute to the wares sold by R. Rowsons & Sons dating back to 1894 when R. Rowsons & Sons traded wines and spirits from their well known store in Watergate Street, Chester, UK.
Abanti Sankaranarayanan, Marketing & Innovation Director, Diageo India says, "We expect ROWSON'S RESERVE™ to be the preference of a new generation of whisky drinkers as well as a great choice for those consuming other brands currently available. Diageo's expertise in making exquisite whisky and building iconic brands, along with the heritage assets it owns, has enabled us to create a differentiated offer to cut through a highly competitive and fast growing segment. We are very confident about our product ROWSON'S RESERVE™ which is a fantastic liquid in superior packaging. Our research endorses that consumers significantly prefer the ROWSON'S RESERVE™ blend to current market offerings".

ROWSON'S RESERVE ™ has a personality which a consumer can easily identify with - free spirited, affable and smooth.

Talking about the bottle, Gordon Smith, Creative Director at Smith & Company and designer of the ROWSON'S RESERVE™ bottle says, "Since we are catering to the self-assured man of the new generation, we've kept the design and labeling of the bottle minimalistic and clean. It is a tall bottle, gently tapering from bottom to top, has the right elements of heritage and craftsmanship, yet done in a very stylish and contemporary way. The label, the shape of the bottle, the classy tones on the outer pack - I believe these will enable ROWSONS RESERVE™ to stand out distinctively from its peers".

Having worked in the whisky business for 30 years, Christopher Armes, Innovation Technical Director, Diageo Asia Pacific and the creator of this smooth liquid explains just why ROWSON'S RESERVE™ is such a great example of creating a modern day whisky: "It has been created after extensive qualitative and quantitative research to understand the Indian consumer's palate and preferences. The blend is one of the smoothest and we are confident it will quickly become the choice of the new generation, reflecting their spirit of adventure and spontaneity."

ROWSON'S RESERVE™ is initially being launched in Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab and Karnataka. It is priced at INR 885/- for 750ml in Maharashtra while in Karnataka, a 750 ml bottle will be available for INR 660/-.

ROWSON'S RESERVE™ encourages you to drink responsibly

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