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Reliance 3G Tab social media campaign brings Facebook and Twitter together

Reliance is conducting an online treasure hunt; a five-day activity across five cities wherein users logging in through a Facebook app need to unlock the location of hidden Reliance 3G Tabs by their tweets.

So when you are not happy with the reach you get with one social media giant, it is easy, you get two! Reliance Communications, for its new Reliance 3G Tab V9A, brings together Facebook and Twitter for an online treasure hunt.

Reliance 3G Tab social media campaign brings Facebook and Twitter together
Reliance 3G Tab social media campaign brings Facebook and Twitter together
The five-day activity spans five cities – Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Delhi and Chandigarh. The online treasure hunt requires users to unlock the location of a hidden tab through tweets.

Logging in at Reliance Mobile's Facebook page, users need to click on the 'Tweet-a-Tab' application. Once the app opens, the user will see a live map of a particular city. With a different hash tag for every city (#Reliance3GTabInMumbai), users need to tweet with the same. The city map zooms in with every tweet. When the map zooms in at 100 per cent, the location of the hidden tab is revealed. The first person to reach the location wins the tab.

The activity was done in Mumbai on August 13. It is Kolkata's turn today. It will be conducted in Indore, Delhi and Chandigarh on August 15, August 16 and August 17, respectively.

According to Shivani Suri Dhanda, deputy general manager, brand and marketing, Reliance Communications, "mashups" (of Facebook and Twitter) are an interesting opportunity to look ahead at as one cashes on the speed of Twitter married with Facebook's massive reach.

"Leading brands in India, including us, have done some exciting work on Facebook and Twitter separately. But mashups are the next big thing internationally on social and that's how the 'Tweet-a-Tab' idea germinated. It takes the immediacy of Twitter and explodes it with Facebook's reach, using a very simple Google Maps zoom-in concept," Dhanda tells afaqs!.

The activity is being supported by ATL media as well. Having partnered with Bindass and radio stations such as Big FM, Radio One and Fever FM, Reliance is looking at amplifying the campaign further. The company's media partners will promote the hashtag for each city along with radio jockey mentions and promos. The eventual winner of the activity will go live on air.

Dhanda stresses on the increasing significance of social media for brands and says that it is an inevitable platform for brands to listen, converse and engage, and promises that engaging activities from the Reliance stable will continue in the space.

Not too long ago, in May, Reliance Communications had launched an extensive digital campaign supporting its mainline communication promoting the two-year collaboration with Google to exclusively market Android devices in India.

The social media agency for the brand is Social Wavelength.

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