Planning Room

Jayesh Purohit

Facebook Graph Search: Entrepreneur's Delight

Jayesh Purohit | May 20, 2013

From demography to psychography, the world of marketing has evolved a lot and it has become more personal than general. Read more

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Sreemanti Sengupta

Where have all the ideas gone?

Sreemanti Sengupta | October 10, 2012

Scene opens in black/white and blue hues.
Door opens to a bleak room.
We see rows and rows of people flat on the ground. Read more

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Shailendra Chaturvedi

App advertisements: Big pockets Vs. Deep pockets?

Shailendra Chaturvedi | August 06, 2014

Brick business models anticipating click revenues Read more

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Abinash Panda

Content Consumption & Feasible targeting on Mobile Media & how it will change the media mix

Abinash Panda | August 06, 2014

@Advertisers: Is your Branding Advertising budget shifting the medium in the same rate with the change in the content consumption medium of your Target Audience! Read more

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Monish Ghatalia

Tweaking traditional advertising - the effective way of catching them young

Monish Ghatalia | August 06, 2014

Moulding brands to the internet to reach out to kids Read more

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