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When Uber Eats re-positioned Tinda...


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 17 Jan 2019

Instead of telling us it's a better food delivery app than rival brands, Uber Eats decided to challenge the boring rivals in our fridges.

Mallika Dua advocates wedding of equals in new ad


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 03 Jan 2019

After Manyavar, Tata Capital asks ladkewale to share the expenses.

Has DHL ditched the speed proposition for sentiment?


Deepashree Banerjee Fri, 21 Dec 2018

We asked Sandeep Juneja, VP, Commercial, DHL Express India about the brand's ISL spot.

JK Tyre's turn to ride the senti-wave...


Deepashree Banerjee Fri, 14 Dec 2018

In a new ad we spotted as a YouTube pre-roll this week, the tyre brand ditches functional specs for a father-son story.

Karare takes on Kurkure with 'tedha-seedha' play


Deepashree Banerjee Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Too Yumm! continues to play its baked-not-fried card - this time, in the Indian snacks segment. Will it work?

Manforce says ShutThePhoneUp yet again...


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 06 Dec 2018

The condom brand launched the first leg of this campaign a year back. A look at the new video.

Move over 'kiss breath'; CloseUp moves to deeper love stories...


Deepashree Banerjee Wed, 05 Dec 2018

....In these new videos, the brand takes up issues like caste, religion and sexual orientation.

"We choose each medium based on the campaign objectives": Srivats TS, VP marketing, Swiggy


Deepashree Banerjee Mon, 03 Dec 2018

The foodtech brand has launched its fourth delivery partner-focused digital spot titled #WhatsInAName.

Dark circles, surgical scars, battle bruises, stretch marks...


Deepashree Banerjee Fri, 30 Nov 2018

...flaunt them all, implores Titan in new spot for Raga.

"Millenials are bombarded with cashbacks, discounts, offers": Sangram Singh, CEO, FreeCharge


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 29 Nov 2018

In its latest media burst, the e-commerce brand tries to address this sought-after TG with a new catchphrase of sorts...

Hewlett Packard's Surf Excel-esque Diwali ad traces a familiar narrative, with warmth


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 08 Nov 2018

A sweet little kid helps a less privileged lady sell her wares. We saw a similar narrative in Surf Pakistan's 2016 Eid spot by Lowe Mumbai.

War of the Assistants in ad-land


Deepashree Banerjee Thu, 01 Nov 2018

A young product group makes its presence felt through a pre-Diwali TVC burst. We take note of these ads - and the thumb rules therein.

"The difficult part was finding people who retired 25 years back": Amit Akali on the quest for Arrow's 82-year old model


Deepashree Banerjee Mon, 29 Oct 2018

On its 25th year in business in India, apparel brand Arrow creates a campaign with an unconventional model.