The other side of madness

By Samriddh Dasgupta, afaqs!, | August 06, 2014
Samriddh Dasgupta

Let us for a second forget that we are Advertising professionals. Ruthless marketers, who will bend the rules of physics if given the opportunity to sell their wares, and maybe while doing so, redefine the essence of humanity.

Let us recognize us as a people - connected at the hip and various joints with immense intelligence, creativity and a passion to see the world differently. You need to be slightly mad to be in Advertising - right?

In the next few paragraphs, I will try to extol the other side of madness, and how we ought to contribute towards something better.

Madness to remove madness

I have been in the professional for over a decade now, and I have seen ambitious young minds generate brilliant ideas - some which have impacted the brand, others the product and most likely the businesses that come with it. However, I believe that very little attention is being paid to the impact on society, culture and the way we behave as people.

If we have to remove the madness that plagues the world today - we need to play a central role. We need to urge Brands, large or small, to start thinking of how they can positively impact lives of people around them. Not some stupid CSR activity - but the core value that goes out - the subliminal messages that make a difference. I believe that Planners need to look at the social impact more closely. We need to get a little bit of madness into removing madness around us. People are trying - but it is not enough - with over a billion minds and emotions- we need to turbo charge this immediately.

Method to the Madness

Hail ho…there is no method right. Madness is unbridled. It is poignant with its secretive underlying agenda. However, there has to be some control to the chaos - the young guns joining the world of Advertising if let loose with rampant rage and passion will only see them burning up sooner than expected. Here is where training through knowledge and experience comes in. I call the capable few, the Mentors of Madness - the ones who have spent enough time in the field to know what will ensure that the '20 somethings' do not burn up and get disillusioned before time.

So here is a call out to those within the system - please create a new system - make it more conducive for a young executive to stick to the plan - take their passion and channelize it - make them see the business side of things - please don't thwart their ambition, but make it more robust - please spend time and money on training - because untrained creative fervor is more madness than this structured world of ours can handle.

Advertising needs mad people - the ones who are willing to go beyond the multicolored hues of conversation, those who look at life from a vantage point far different from others. Advertising needs Planners who are creative and not number crunchers. People who are willing to see the World for what it can be, and not what it is right now. This needs training, vision and the urge to contribute. It has to be a part of our DNA. A new mad world, at this hinges, ready to burst, implode - lead by a generation ready for change - for the better.