Content Consumption & Feasible targeting on Mobile Media & how it will change the media mix

By Abinash Panda, afaqs!, | August 06, 2014
Abinash Panda

It's rightly said - The only constantisChange. It has been just 5 - 6 years, when more than 50 % of the news category audience moved from News Paper/News channel to News Website. And again the audience is shifting the medium to Mobile News Applications. Why only News genre? With the fast internet connection & Smartphone penetration, large part of the internet audience is moving from Web medium to mobile medium in most of the categories. Mobile & Tab may not replace the Desktop/Laptop medium completely, but due to a good user experience the user consumption is super impressive.

Mobile media's momentum is unstoppable these days. Mobile is driving more than 70 % of the traffic of Social networking sites. Let's look at the recent mobile acquisitions & the idea behind it. Facebook acquired whatsapp @ $19 billion .Twitter acquired Mopub & Tapcommerce. Yahoo acquired mobile analytic & ad platform flurry. Why these big companies are spending hefty amount of money like nothing! Logic is simple because they know in recent future they are going to earn in multiple times from mobile medium. It should not surprise you now that Facebook's Q2-2014 budget has 62 % revenue from mobile medium.

When you install an app on a mobile device, it gets access of n number of parameters like location, activity on the device, device id, browsing history, identity etc. Most of the apps gets the access of other app information which is there on your device. Mobile offers context & it helps the advertiser to serve the ad in the relevant context. An mobile application can give you niece targeting which hardly a traditional media can offer. Even through mobile, cross device retargeting is feasible by creating a single identity of users across multiple medium & device. Facebook claims it's mobile audience network will reshape the Digital Advertising Landscape due to it's unmatched targeting feature by delivering ads inside and outside social network.

Marketer's one of the primary jobs is keeping an eye on the trend of target consumer's consumption. Close to 25 % of the website Page views, 30 % video views is from mobile & with each passing days the number has been growing exponentially. Branding/Awareness Budget spend allocation of a medium should be proportional with the Target Audience's content consumption rate in the medium. As a marketer, whether your TG is in Media Dark area or Media Heavy area, mobile media should be the first thing to be leveraged. Gone are those days when mobile used to be the solutions for SMS & IVR only. If th of the content consuming time of your audience belongs to mobile then close to 25% of your branding budget should be the mobile budget. As it's a part of Digital Media, mobile medium is again never only about reaching the audience but you can engage & covert audience to consumer/customer quickly compared to any other traditional media.