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Is AI the new battleground for brand marketers?

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, January 08, 2018
As customers hand over more and more data and the technology to decipher that data improves, they expect brand interactions to be more personalised. That's when AI steps in.
AI is bringing brand marketing back from the precipice of irrelevance.

A recent Salesforce report on the "State of the Connected Customer" revealed that 81 per cent of consumers expect the same level of service every time they interact with a company across different channels.

AI helps combat the challenges the digital revolution created; it creates consistency in even the most inhospitable environments. And where there is consistency in delivery, customers are happy and they keep coming back.

Can a small team of marketers ever hope to deliver a consistent message across so many channels? That's where AI is already making its mark. New AI-powered tools for ad analytics can predict the efficacy of ad buys on programmatic platforms and AI-fuelled enhancements to ad targeting across all platforms. AI has infiltrated both advertising and experiential marketing disciplines by creating consistency where instability previously reigned.

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