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Following Domino's, Pizza Hut too will toy with driverless delivery

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, January 10, 2018
Pizza Hut and Toyota reveal plans for a self-driving delivery vehicle soon
What Pizza Hut's "e-Palette" could look like

The e-palette is the next big thing that Toyota and Pizza Hut revealed at the CES 2018 (formerly Consumer Electronics Show).

The move comes close on the heels of Domino's testing of its own self-driving vehicles launched in September last year - in partnership with Ford.

The chain's link-up with Toyota is part of a larger collaboration that involves companies including Amazon, Didi, Mazda and Uber. According to Toyota, this new "alliance" will work to create an ecosystem of hardware and software support designed to help a range of companies use advanced mobility technology to better serve customers. Toyota plans to implement testing of the e-Palette vehicle as early as 2020.

Ford and Toyota are not the only players trying out stuff that make for science fiction. Uber and Google spinoff Waymo are offering people rides in their autonomous cars in Pittsburgh and Phoenix, respectively, to see how they use the vehicles. Virginia Tech Transportation Institution created an unintentional internet sensation when it sent a van onto the streets with a driver disguised as a seat, an effort to see how the public reacts to a car with no one inside. Domino's is delivering pies with sidewalk drones in Hamburg, Germany.

There is plenty of action in the offing.

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