Shweppes changes one word in its advertising

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, April 17, 2018
There's an innocent light-heartedness to Schweppes' new positioning that its predecessors lacked.
Schweppes changed one word for its latest campaign.

Does Schweppes want to change its destiny with a change of a word in its positioning so far?

'What Did You Expect?' has been the standard operating line for a Schweppes ad. Now that has changed - to 'What Do You Expect?'. To understand Schweppes' communication one has to understand the brand. Schweppes is neither a stand-alone cocktail nor stand-alone cola. This confusion has always been visible in its advertising. There was that time it tried to be a cocktail, but each time it tied itself into knots of sexual innuendo.

The new ad changes all that. The heroine of this ad pursues her bottle down an endless bar, embarking on whimsical adventures through forests and karaoke bars. Created by BETC Paris, the ad is defined by action not sultry, pouting girls followed by voyeuristic viewers. Now, there is an innocent levity.

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