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Mumbai's admired fashion retail chain - Options - gears up with new branding plans

Company Brief
Mumbai, February 04, 2013

Options is poised to launch a 360-degree campaign to assert its position as the preferred fashion store for families in Mumbai. It has signed A B See Peninsular for a communication plan that will include Television, Press, Outdoor and Experiential media.

Dharmesh Patel, Founder, Options, states - “We have a strong relationship with Mumbai's upper middle class. It's time to leverage the strength and optimise our brand-value. We have ambitious growth-plans. Branding initiatives are integral to them. A B See Peninsular has strong credentials in fashion and yet, fresh in their thinking. Hence, our choice.”

The plans activate in the middle of February, when the summer-season begins. Amit Baid, Founder and Creative Head, A B See Peninsular, adds - “Options is a household name in Mumbai. Our mandate is to make the brand more exciting and energise the relationship with its patrons. We are looking to add a whole new chutzpah to the brand's body-language.”

The traditional store seems to be gearing up to match today's big-boys of retail. The first phase of the communication is likely to pan out by May, 2013.

A B See Peninsular can be visited at

For further information, please contact

A B See Peninsular
Sonali Pawar
Mobile: +91 9769565143

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