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A Dummy's Guide to Native Advertising

In India, native advertising is still finding its feet and is mostly absent. But, what exactly is native advertising?

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    In-Cinema Advertising takes off

     Advertisers are trying out innovation and direct messages to market their wares in theatres.

  • Singh is Ching

     Ching's Secret leverages actor Ranveer Singh's popularity and an exclusive music video to promote its offerings.

  • Points of View: Whose line is it anyway?

     In the ideas business, where brainstorming takes place in large groups, how to do agencies assign creative credit?

  • Say cheers to Park Avenue's 'Beer Man'

     You've heard him say 'Maaaan hairrr'. Now hear him say hello. Meet Andrew Smith, the 34 year Irish actor who plays human brand mascot for Park Avenue's beer shampoo.

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