We will not allow Arnab to run past us: MK Anand, Times Network

In conversation with MK Anand, CEO and MD, Times Network, about his English news channel Times Now, post-Arnab Goswami....Read more

We will not allow Arnab to run past us MK Anand Times Network

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Arindam Saha

Marketing Head, Asus India

IoT (Internet of Things) and 'smart' devices have become the next big thing, and the current market climate in the country is gripping. It is hard to imagine a world without smartphones, laptops and other such devices today. There are breakthroughs every day and we are pushing the boundaries of conventional technology. Consumer preferences are evolving continuously making it important for brands to match the pace. Living in a world that is dynamic, governed by consumer preferences and powered by avant-garde technology, keeps me on my toes and makes it an exciting industry to be in.