When Simeran Bhasin, ex CMO of Fastrack, Wildcraft became a bralette marketer

And why the entrepreneur is not afraid of the Zivames and Clovias of the online world....Read more

When Simeran Bhasin ex CMO of Fastrack Wildcraft became a bralette marketer
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Kashyap Vadapalli

Chief Marketing Officer, Pepperfry.com

"Increasing Media fragmentation and the Rising Importance of Content Marketing is a trend that trend that excites and challenges me. Thanks to sharper media and consumer content consumption behaviour we know if they will watch international football, but not national cricket or get news via social media and not news sites etc. The challenge is reducing media spillage while ensuring adequate reach and frequency are achieved for each segment.

Brands that understand their consumers well and have the right content and engagement strategy for each platform, this fragmentation allows for more focused messaging and outreach. For less-/ high-ticket purchases like furniture, with high consumer involvement and a well-researched product buying life-cycle, it's an opportunity for tailor-made content-driven engagement strategy that helps build key category benefits with design and quality on one side and value and service on the other."