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"We'll redefine India's relationship with the outdoors": Simeran Bhasin, Wildcraft

An interview with Simeran Bhasin, chief marketing officer, Wildcraft.

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Digital Diary

Digital Diary

A sneak peak into digital media planners daily life.

Case Studies - Hassle-Free On-Road Pricing

Breaking the age-old practice of filling personal details to get price information.

20 mistakes events make on social media and how to fix them

Source: Julius Solaris
Do not make these mistakes again when planning and executing social media for your event

How to Create a Powerful Brief

Source: Petra Dharma Anderson, Strategist at Semut Api Colony
For agency, It's difficult to convert one line e-mail or a 15min call client's brief into a big and powerful campaign. At the end, there are no happiness between client and their agency. This is the simple slides to show you, from agency eye, how to create brief as tool of conversation to make powerful campaign.
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