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"Pune has emerged as a very strong market for us": Pallavi Singh, Harley-Davidson India

An interview with the marketing director of Harley-Davidson India.

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  • Jiyo Parsi: Celebrating Parsi Progeny

     In a recently released print campaign, Sam Balsara's Madison BMB humorously urges Parsis to get married and have children.

  • Pause For Peace: A Letter to Pakistan

     Ram Subramanian's ad film production house Handloom Picture Company is back with yet another eye-catching film. This time, it's about the ever-sensitive Indo-Pak issue.

  • Meet the face of Amazon Kindle

     We spoke to 'that cute guy' in 'that new ad'. Varun Mitra on his acting career and his experience shooting for Amazon Kindle's maiden media campaign in India.

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Digital Diary

Digital Diary

A sneak peak into digital media planners daily life.

Case Studies

How Google Works

Source: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google
In this case study How Google Works, Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg share the lessons they learned over the course of a decade running Google.

How to Create a Powerful Brief

Source: Petra Dharma Anderson, Strategist at Semut Api Colony
For agency, It's difficult to convert one line e-mail or a 15min call client's brief into a big and powerful campaign. At the end, there are no happiness between client and their agency. This is the simple slides to show you, from agency eye, how to create brief as tool of conversation to make powerful campaign.

Why flipkart apology is a gold standard in service recovery

Source: Rajesh Soundararajan, Managing Director at Futureshift
Flipkart hits the core of consumers' hearts with an apology mail. It's gold standard for many MNCs to learn from. When you apologize do it truly from the heart
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