"We need to break the tyranny of sameness": Punit Misra, ZEEL

From selling one kind of soap to selling a totally different kind, Punit Misra, CEO, domestic broadcast business, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, has come a long way. An interview....Read more

We need to break the tyranny of sameness Punit Misra ZEEL
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Rajat Sahni

CEO - used cars, CarDekho

"The used car market is at an inflection point and is set to grow faster than the new car market - from approximately 3 million units today to 7-8 million units over the next five years. Globally, for every new car sold, around 2.5 used cars are sold; it'll be the same in India soon. Used car lending is one of the largest retail lending opportunities in India, set to grow from $2 billion to $10-15 billion. From a consumer perspective, buying a used car makes a lot of sense and is a great deal because of inherent depreciation, for example, one can buy a sedan for the cost of a hatchback. Digital platforms are playing a key role in organising this fragmented industry, by making discovery, trust and purchase easy."