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Britannia Spices Up The Humble Rusk

The recently launched herb-flavoured Maska Rusk will be promoted through two ad films that will hit TV screens on December 5. The marketing objective is two-fold: provide rusk-eaters with a new variant, and remind the rest that the rusk makes for a great tea-time snack option, after all.

In a chai-guzzling nation like India, there can never be enough tea-time snack options. Rusk, is one of them. Derived from the word 'rosca', which is Portuguese for 'a twisted, coiled roll of bread', a rusk is a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit prepared by double-baking bread.

Britannia has introduced a new herb-flavoured rusk variant called Maska Rusk. The objective is to tap into the growing business opportunity that the rusk segment currently offers. The rusk category, estimated to be at around Rs. 1,200-1,600 crore, is growing at the rate of 15-16 per cent, annually.

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