"By the end of the shoot, my feet were covered in blisters": Director of the Riso ad everyone's talking about

Riso Ricebran Oil has released a video that features and addresses the Indian housewife....Read more

By end of the shoot my feet were covered in blisters Director of the Riso ad everyones talking about
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Devendra Rane

Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Coverfox.com

"The Indian digital climate has recently witnessed a revolution in e-commerce and mobile internet penetration. The Fin-tech industry will be riding the coat-tails of this revolution. These are interesting times when Indians, in both rural and urban areas, are recognising the need for better quality services, even in the case of previously untouched products like insurance and banking. When we speak of insurance in particular, we feel that Insure-tech innovation has touched the tip of the iceberg with the retail sector. A lot needs to happen on insurance distribution related to micro-insurance, agriculture, SME and several areas, where technology will unlock these benefits for the greater good and lead to industry growth."