Hotstar's Game of Thrones promos, 'Torrents Morghulis', create buzz

We spoke to Sidharth Shakdher, head of acquisition and brand development, Hotstar, about the campaign that attempts to bring Game of Thrones fans onto the VOD platform....Read more

Hotstars Game of Thrones promos Torrents Morghulis create buzz
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Rajat Sahni

CEO - used cars, CarDekho

"The used car market is at an inflection point and is set to grow faster than the new car market - from approximately 3 million units today to 7-8 million units over the next five years. Globally, for every new car sold, around 2.5 used cars are sold; it'll be the same in India soon. Used car lending is one of the largest retail lending opportunities in India, set to grow from $2 billion to $10-15 billion. From a consumer perspective, buying a used car makes a lot of sense and is a great deal because of inherent depreciation, for example, one can buy a sedan for the cost of a hatchback. Digital platforms are playing a key role in organising this fragmented industry, by making discovery, trust and purchase easy."