Here's Amazon Prime Video India's Diwali spot

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Heres Amazon Prime Video Indias Diwali spot
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Chandrakala Purohit

Chief Operating Officer, JMD Medico

The Ayurvedic industry has recently taken a giant leap forward. Once considered alternative medicine, today it is looked upon as a primary option to treat many health grievances.

Consumers at certain-income levels, the elderly, and the rural and semi-urban population used Ayurvedic medicines as a cure for quite some time; now it receives acceptance from youth, the urban population and all income groups.

Ayurveda has made inroads in the FMCG sector offering products in skin, hair and personal care that are natural and 100% herbal.

With progress in the science, manufacturing process and technology, traditionally formulated Ayurvedic medicines now show prompt effects and rapid cures.