Maggi pushes new flavours in mass media campaign

A look at the communication burst that promotes four new flavours - Amritsari Achari, Mumbaiya Chatak, Super Chennai and Bengali Jhaal....Read more

Maggi pushes new flavours in mass media campaign
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Sunil Munshi

India CEO, Denave

Digitisation and increased penetration of technology are gradually redefining the state of affairs when it comes to brand business. Specifically in the sales domain, digitisation has not only streamlined all the processes but also opened newer avenues for innovation. With the emergence of intelligent analytics, artificial intelligence-based, trimmed-down processes, we're seeing immensely targeted campaigns that leverage social media, etc. This wave is empowering brands to enhance their sales impact and ROI footprint. Right from mining prospective customer databases, to creating a virtual persona of the target audience, brands are aware that the 'one-size-fits-all' approach doesn't work anymore. Digitisation is leading to customisation.