"There is no non-prime time rate in my channel": Nina Elavia Jaipuria

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There is no non-prime time rate in my channel Nina Elavia Jaipuria
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Neha Kant

Founder and CRO, Clovia

Lingerie, for the longest time, was an under-serviced category with limited options/styles/solutions, despite being a 'staple' wardrobe product. But that is changing. Thanks to foreign media, society/mindsets are changing. The overall affinity towards brands and fashion is increasing. The lingerie segment is seeing similar trends - in fact, the curve is steeper here than it is in other apparel categories. Customers are demanding more. The rising young population, the rise of female spenders, increasing disposable incomes and the need for a more solution-based approach, are all helping the segment grow. This is also the best time for product innovation, as the customer is far more demanding and aware than she ever was.

While the overall apparel segment is growing at 8-9% CAGR, lingerie is pegged to grow at 15-22%, annually. The $4Bn market (projected 8Bn by 2020) is still so nascent that the top 10 brands put together are not even addressing 8% of the overall market. It's a market just waiting to be tapped.