"We avoided getting into the advertising space and looking artifical": Nitish Sharma on Abbott's new campaign

The healthcare company's new ads feature cast and crew members of the campaign's production including director Sharma himself....Read more

We avoided getting into the advertising space and looking artifical Nitish Sharma on Abbotts new campaign
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Prasun Kumar

Chief Marketing Officer, Magicbricks.com

Thanks to the technological advancements, humankind is connected more than ever before. But it has come at a heavy price. We have more friends on our social network platforms than our speed dial. As a side effect of online connectivity overload, we have stopped speaking to each other. So now, I consciously make an effort to strike a conversation either in person or at least where talking and listening propositions are present.

As a marketer, I often think - 'am I really communicating with my consumers?', 'Am I building a social base for my brand or a social-networking base?' So, this year my mantra is to listen to consumers in-person through field visits and strike a meaningful conversation. It is the best way to peep inside the minds of the consumers and understand their pulse.