"Chocolates used to be shared; now we see more 'individualisation'": Prashant Peres, Mondelēz

An interview with Prashant Peres, Director - Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelēz India....Read more

Chocolates used to be shared now we see more individualisation Prashant Peres Mondelemacrz
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Nomit Joshi

Director - Marketing, Gionee India

As a brand, being relevant to the consumers is one of the most important challenges. This motivates the marketers. This challenge gets multiplied when we see it through the filter of the changing media habits of the consumers and the role the internet is playing in their lives. There is a lot more to do in this complex and connected world, where we keep looking for opportunities to create brand love. The role of marketing has moved beyond conventional marketing tools. New-age mediums offer new ways to innovate and experiment.