United Colors of Benetton bets big on 'femvertising'

A look at the brand's new spot titled #UnitedByHalf, which promotes equality of the genders....Read more

United Colors of Benetton bets big on femvertising

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Vikram Khanna

Chief Marketing Officer, Asahi India Glass

Marketers in the construction and glass industries are slowly adapting ideas and methods that would traditionally be executed in the B2C industry, as consumers today are expecting personalised experiences with accessibility anywhere, anytime. While technology enables marketers to offer unique experiences with personalised apps, virtual and augmented reality, they are also exploring other innovative ways to stay close to customers. Creating 'Experience Zones' is another approach that offers hands-on familiarity with products and services. For a company to grow sustainably and thrive, it is imperative that it understands and embraces these trends.