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IBN 7 & Divya Bhaskar present 'Gujarat Chunav - Satta Nau Sangharsha '

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New Delhi, November 13, 2007

IBN 7 has tied-up with Divya Bhaskar, a leading regional publication, to cover the year's most complicated assembly elections. The special month-long programming, 'Gujarat Chunav - Satta Nau Sangharsha ', begins with an the findings of an extensive opinion poll on November 14, conducted by Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) . 'Kaun Kitne Pani Mein ' will gauge the public's sentiments on who they think is best suited to rule the state and the ramifications thereof. The structured poll, incorporating over 10,000 respondents, will also look at seat projections and party compositions. A special one-hour show will be aired on November 14 at 8 pm on IBN 7 with a repeat on 15th Nov at 12 noon. The entire series will culminate on December 23, when the new Chief Minister of Gujarat has been declared!

From November 26 till December 13 extensive programming would be run with two half-hour shows daily Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm that will provide a comprehensive step-by-step account of the entire election process from the pre-polling phase, the actual ballot casting to the post-poll results.

As a part of the 'Gujarat Chunav - Satta Nau Sangharsha ' initiative, interactive live debate sessions, 'Kyun Chune Aapko? ' will be conducted on a daily basis in 15 different towns and cities across Gujarat and aired on the 5:30 pm election special shows. Featuring various party leaders and prominent authorities, the discussions will take up issues pertinent to the state and in turn allow people to discuss matters of concern.

Following this, the 8:30 pm election special show will be divided into a number of segments: Janta Maange Jawab - will provide the latest developments from various assemblies through numerous chaupals set-up in towns and cities across Gujarat. Another segment on the same show will provide the latest from the campaign trails of Narendra Modi and Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.

As a special segment in the 8:30 pm series, '5 Saal 5 Reporter', five IBN 7 reporters will revisit the worst riot affected areas of Gujarat and provide answers to the much speculated questions - What has changed in the last five years? What was it like then? And, how has life changed for the people since?

To support the programming campaign, exit poll surveys will be conducted throughout Gujarat on the day the state goes to vote. The survey will attempt to determine, through its sample, who the people have voted for. Based on this sample information, on both phases of polling, IBN 7 will telecast special half-hour shows on December 11 and 16 at 8 pm to track and project the nature of voting in the state and the likely winner.

With nation-wide anticipation reaching its peak on December 23 - counting day, IBN 7 viewers will be provided the most up-to-the-minute projections throughout the day on the newswheel. Further, once the votes are tallied a one-hour special show in the evening will discuss and analyse the election results and the implications for the state and nation thereof.

This rigorous programming line-up on IBN 7, in turn will be supported by regular featured stories in Divya Bhaskar to ensure people are kept thoroughly updated on every development in the electoral battle for one of the country's most influential states.

Introducing the campaign, Ashutosh, Managing Editor, IBN 7 said, "The Gujarat state elections are undeniably one of the most anticipated polls of the year. Therefore, with ' Gujarat Chunav - Satta Nau Sangharsha' IBN 7 will be on location to provide its viewers the latest news from ground-zero, including in-depth analyses of all developments occurring during the electoral process. "

"By merging our editorial resources, IBN 7 and Divya Bhaskar will be able to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the elections to a wide audience segment that includes viewers and readers alike. " Said, Ajay Ummat, Resident Editor, Divya Bhaskar

Speaking on the alliance, Dilip Venkatraman, Director Marketing and Online Projects, CNN-IBN & IBN 7 said, "Our editorial and marketing partnership with Divya Bhaskar for this extensive initiative will ensure maximum reach and visibility of our campaign by going beyond television to include print." "By combining our resources, ' Gujarat Chunav - Satta Nau Sangharsha' is bound to provide the best coverage of the elections that viewers and readers can hope to get. Like previous tie-ups with IBN 7, I am confident this too will prove lucrative for both parties alike." Added, Ashwani Aggarwal, Marketing Head , Divya Bhaskar.

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