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NewsX now available worldwide on mobile handsets

Media News
New Delhi, October 28, 2009

NewsX has become Indias first English news channel to be available on mobile phones

Viewers can now access NewsXs live feed not only on the web but also on their handsets whenever they wish, from wherever they wish. The mobile URL for accessing live feeds by NewsX is

Commenting on the achievement, Ajatshatru Singh, Head of Online, NewsX said, "NewsX has created multiple distribution points for news by being Indias only channel to have a triple play. Whether it is TV, web or mobile, we are available to our viewers in any form. By being available on mobile, we can provide news on the go especially to our younger and upwardly mobile corporate audience who are significantly aligned to the digital medium. At NewsX, we also plan to create customized news content for the mobile."

India is the fastest growing mobile market and with internet penetration on the rise, news consumption on digital platforms is rising. Being Indias newest news channel, NewsX is focusing heavily on the new news consumption trends, and believes that viewers will increasingly move from watching their news on television sets to digital forms like the internet and mobiles.

Just last month, NewsX became Indias first English news channel to offer web surfers high-quality online LIVE streaming on its website. While every news channel offers live streaming, NewsX is different because of the high quality of its Live feed, which is considered to be the best in the country. The News X website offers almost no buffering, so users dont have to suffer long wait times for the live stream to get activated.

Highlighting other online initiatives, NewsX has dedicated pages on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. In point of fact, NewsX page is amongst the most viewed news channels on You Tube.

For further information, please contact:

Vitcom Consulting
Mallika Sinha
Mobile: +91-9818551831

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