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Emami rides on 3 Idiots to re-define Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder

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Company Brief
Kolkata, April 13, 2010

Handsome is that Emami does. For decades it has consistently remained the window to the inquisitive and the discerning with its ingenious acts that have a story to tell.

No wonder then, Emami has redeemed its reputation yet again by making renowned film maker, Mr Raj Kumar Hirani direct a television commercial to promote a product extension of Boroplus brand on the theme of his breezy entertainer, 3 Iditos.

Come April and you will once again get a glimpse of another directorial delight in the form of a television commercial to promote Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder (BPPHP), a Emami power brand. The TVC, based on 3 Idiots, shows Kareena Kapoor playing with a group of children who are in great bodily discomfort due to itches and rashes and Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder ushering as the ultimate healer by providing a cooling relief to the distressed children and erasing their skin problems. The natural performer that Kareena is, she emotes the shots in the film with ease. With her grace, poise and beauty, she seamlessly gels in the ad-film with children, making the TVC so fascinating and a viewers' delight. Her refreshing and vibrant looks brightens up the TVC all the more.

The fun-filled TVC successfully cocktails entertainment with the message of the product. In the Boroplus Prickly Head Powder ad-film, the director once again churns out some delectable juvenile fun and mischief that makes the TVC so enjoyable. The "Aal Izz Well" sound track of 3 Idiots is also played in the TVC all through. The TVC has been conceptualized in-house and the song, Aal Izz Well, is sung by Ms Shreya Ghoshal. The ad-film has been produced by Canvas Films of Mumbai.

Commenting on the TVC, Mr Harsh V Agarwal, Director, Emami Group of Companies, said "we genuinely feel that the TVC will have a great emotional connect with consumers and hugely enhance the brand's equity. The TVC is a serious take, but shown in a very gleeful and comic manner on the cruelty of summer months that fosters itches and rashes all over the body and finally being cured by the use of Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder. We feel confident that riding on the directorial marvel of Mr Hirani we will be effectively post our message to the masses, especially the children who are the worst sufferers of the sweltering summer heat. It's a fun-filled ad-film that aims at taking the message of Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder through the medium of education."

The unique feature of Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder is its ability to provide the cooling relief through the natural goodness of herbs. The powder contains natural herbs that give almost instant relief to prickly heat with its cooling sensation and erases the skin problems like itches and rashes that are most notable during summer.

The prickly heat powder market in India is estimated to be about Rs 160 crores and Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder has a sizeable market share in this category.

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