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Regional Cinema takes OOH route to reach Box-office

Company Brief
Mumbai, May 11, 2011

With over 22 national languages, local and vernacular-based film industries compete in a highly regionalized market. Amongst 1000 films produced annually, Bollywood produces about 200, the rest coming from regional or non-Hindi production houses and banners. More than a dozen movies different languages Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Bhojpuri, Bengali and Marathi are scheduled for release this year.

Regional films in India, along with Hindi cinema, have enjoyed the domino effect of publicity through OOH media - accelerating its growth. As per the experts, the figures for the regional film market will rise by 20-25, which has created ample of opportunities for outdoor advertising. Global Advertisers, MD-Sanjeev Gupta says "In terms of reach and revenue, OOH media provides excellent mix of media tools to producers of regional films. Its cost-effectiveness has made this medium popular in Marathi & Bhojpuri film genre. I have observed that Indian film industry is just not Bollywood, it's far beyond it, even regional films have good budget for promotion in OOH, Internet or Mobile. 80% Marathi movies comes to our stable for outdoor publicity, so I believe OOH effectively contributes to the success of regional films at box-office."

To grab maximum eye balls and increase footfalls in movie halls, our young and enthusiastic team of media experts have brainstormed and executed powerful media plans. The team has identified key areas such as Andheri, Juhu, Bandra, Thane, Marine Lines, Prabhadevi, WEH and Link Rd where traffic of the target audience is always at its peak. Our dynamic team has focused on result-driven hoardings that guarantee larger than life impact instantly.

The conceptual and marketing standard of our regional films have definitely improved and is at par with that of Hindi cinema. Global Advertisers has done campaigns for many marthi films such as Agadbam Hungama Jeeta, Manya, Sadrakshanaya, Mala Aaie Vayacha Aahe, all have been successfully promoted through hoardings at strategic locations. Producers have captured the market of Tier II & Tier III cities across India through outdoor advertising.

For further information, please contact:

Global Advertisers
Divya Khare
Mobile: +919820146183

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