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Indian Brand Pages lead the global top 100 on Facebook

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Company Brief
Mumbai, September 16, 2011

Socialbakers, one of the biggest social media statistics portals in the world, recently released the August 2011 Engagement Analytics Report showcasing the global top 100 pages on Facebook. The study reveals that the top six slots have been occupied by Indian Brand Pages outdoing the world's biggest brands. Interestingly, the top five of the six brands are managed by Interface Business Solutions, one of India's leading independent full service digital agency.

The evaluation was based on 30 parameters set by Socialbakers while determining the Page score. Basis, the parameters, Kingfisher (83 %), Bingo! (82%), Tata DOCOMO (78%), MTV India (77%), Tata Photon (76%) and eBay India (75%) feature as the top six leaving only three spots for the global brands. The scores indicate the strength of the page, comprising of engagement, response rate and quality of content management.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Sabyasachi Mitter, Managing Director, Interface Business Solutions says, "Digital in general and social media in particular has become a key part of a brand's marketing strategy. Increasingly brands are keen to engage with their communities and work towards tangible and measurable performance metrics be it engagement, monetization or sampling. This data from Social Bakers shows the success of social media strategies employed by brands in India. Further, earlier stats released by Social Bakers mentioned that on an average, Indian's "Like" more brands on Facebook than people elsewhere. The leaderboard now proves that with the right content and engagement strategy, Indian's are also likely to be more engaged than people from other regions".

The company undertakes the complete conceptualisation of the strategy, online reputation management; a web/wap property along with the social media handles for brands like Tata DOCOMO. Starting from zero, Tata DOCOMO has become the largest Facebook community in India with close to 4 million fans and the largest telecom community on Facebook globally. Interface Business Solutions has monetized their social media community for brands like Tata DOCOMO which has never been done before.

For Bingo, the company strategizes the social media marketing, design, execution of campaigns and fan acquisitions. They have also opened new avenues for the brand by launching a product on the Facebook platform and enabled product sampling through the social media community. Interface Business Solutions strengthens the social media communities through targeted communications for Kingfisher and MTV India.

With more than 60 million unique users using internet on mobile and 80 million on the web, the importance of digital in a brand's marketing strategy is growing exponentially. To ensure the maximum reach, the company is working with all the brands to create large scale digitally led 360o Campaigns, with one key factor common for every activation- Innovation.

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