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Corcoise Films directs teaser promos for Aamir Khan's first-ever TV show Satyamev Jayate

Company Brief
Mumbai, April 5, 2012

The three separate 30-second TV promos that went on air during the first week of April have already started building the audience's interest in the show that will mark Aamir Khan's debut on television.

The TV promos campaign, directed by Corcoise Films' Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, have succeeded in keeping the content of the show as mysterious as before keeping in mind the pre-launch strategy of the show, which is to keep audiences guessing the nature of the show in order to create excitement around the show.

Commenting on the filming of these promos, Vishwesh expresses his delight at working with Aamir Khan. "The shoot felt exactly the way the campaign came out," says the director. Vishwesh goes on to say that Aamir is among the most patient people he has worked with given his stature in the film industry. Aamir created real value for the show and the promos by not just being the star that he is but by understanding the nuances of what goes into making promo videos like these. And more importantly, what Vishwesh liked most about Aamir was his sense of humor and modesty. He says that Aamir treats everyone equally and was the easiest person to get along with. He says that it's very important to share the same sense of humor with someone you're working with because it makes work a lot more enjoyable!

Vishwesh says that the promos needed to reflect the honesty of Satyamev Jayate and therefore they decided to do a conversational format for the promos. Since Aamir is such a big part of the show, his honest feelings needed to be communicated with the audiences. Of course, this was all done without giving out much detail on the actual content of the show. Vishwesh says that he is happy that the promo campaign has come out so natural, wherein the viewer feels that he is actually sitting there in that room having an honest conversation with Aamir Khan about our country, about life, and about the truth.

Krishnamoorthy is confident that Satyamev Jayate will be a "game-changer". He feels that the show is very relevant to the state of our country right now and says that the best part about the show is that it is "non-preachy" and won't force its beliefs or views on the viewer. The title means that truth always wins and that is central to the show's theme according to Krishnamoorthy.

Vishwesh also feels that viewers will be surprised when they see the show, to say the least. He believes it will be a "life-altering" television viewing experience for viewers and they won't be disappointed!

Here's hoping Satyamev Jayate is as honest, relevant, and exciting as it seems in the teaser promos.

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DeTales Marketing & Communications
Varisha Maniar
Mobile: +919820134934

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