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Effort of ibroad7 Communications helps BJP to win through multi-media election campaign

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Company Brief
National, June 03, 2014

I Broad7 Communications have played in the 2 month long multi-media election campaign of the BJP, what unfolds is a real eye-opener and can easily be termed a case study in exploiting radio as a medium of communication to the hilt. The modern day wisdom that relies heavily on Television and internet and uses radio as just a reminder medium was shattered to pieces. But the task was not easy. The biggest challenge before ibroad7, India's only full service radio agency, was to understand India's diversity, its region specific issues and language barriers.

According to Rohit, all norms were broken. Even radio, the way the media scape has come to understand and consume it was given a complete revamp. For the first time in India's electoral history a detailed media plan was formulated. The first observation was that FM stations can reach thus far and no further. The strategy was to reach every nook and corner of the country, address their issues in the language or the dialect they spoke and understood. So the use of government channels with their MW and SW facilities became mandatory.

It took almost a month of extensive research and planning. Tier 2, tier 3 towns and the remotest of villages were scanned through a magnifying glass, local issues were identified, and insights were collected. Numerous areas in this great nation of ours that had been declared 'media dark' were combed painstakingly. And based on those insights appropriate content was created. 'The 'generic' was rolled into a ball and thrown in the bin,' chuckles Rohit.

Radio being the only mass local reach medium played a very different role as content was prepared in dialects like awadhi, braj, bhojpuri,maithli, apart from languages like telgu, Assames, tamil, oriya, Punjabi and Bengali.Since radio could reach to different clusters and strata, the strategy for targeting various issues/ regions could happen. For example, Western UP issues and Eastern UP issues are different, hence content had to be designed accordingly, and only the medium like radio could reach to masses without any wastage.

Similarly there are complete media dark areas in UP, Bihar, Chathisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarkhand where the only way of reaching was through government radio stations. The total number of stations and networks used were 233 and 25, respectively. The core campaign team of BJP was extremely professional and open to ideas. They helped us create exclusive content. Even the vote appeal of Modiji was done separately for radio keeping the nuances of the medium in mind. In the times where television and internet are deemed to be the most critical for communication, radio led the way. Both the BJP songs Saungndh and Acche din were launched on radio.

Ibroad 7 was chosen from amongst many big agencies of the country because of the insightful thinking and experience of the team i broad.It was a humdinger of an exercise to undertake and an equally challenging production to mount, a reminiscent Rohit says.

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