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The video urges women to stand for each other, stop judging, stop disrespecting #SheForHer

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Company Brief
National, March 07, 2017

"#SheForHer" is about letting the women be comfortable in what they identify with. A digital video campaign launched on Women's Day drives a positive message to uplift the gender towards a brighter tomorrow. Before the acceptance from the entire world, we need to accept each other. The film ridicules the judgment we pass on to each other and gives us a perspective to think differently.

The campaign is launched by Gypsy Moth, a creative agency based in Bangalore as its first in-house film and produced by Green Apple Films. Gypsy Moth is founded to story tell the brands in the most engaging form.

Priyanka Chugh, Founder & Creative Director, Gypsy Moth expresses her excitement releasing the film on International Women's Day, "We happen to have an all women crew to work on the film which made it a very interesting journey. Launching an occasion driven film, is our first step to create in-house content and a YouTube channel to engage viewers online. We believe if our stories trigger emotions in our viewers, we consider our job is done. In future, we would like to associate with brands who want to send out a strong message through the art of storytelling"

Diksha Grover, Writer & Director of the film talks about the story and screenplay being the integral part of the film, "The film celebrates the joy of valuing the woman in front of you and supporting her in the simplest of manner. Every character & situation tries to highlight the point that the fight isn't against each other. Its only when we stand by each other, do we bring out the best of being a woman"

Preetha, DOP shares her experience of shooting the film' "We captured every scene in its purest form to make it look real so everyone can easily relate to the situation. When I read the script, I knew this was a simple yet powerful film and I would love to be associated with something like this. I hope the message reaches the audience and triggers a change."

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