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Manappuram Online Gold Loan -" aims to reposition the traditional concepts and culture of gold loan through technology based solutions"

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Company Brief
National, March 16, 2017

Manappuram Finance Ltd, a leading diversified NBFC has been a pioneer in bringing innovative touch to its gold loan services and refined the product to make it hassle free, convenient and speedy loans.

As a leader in the Gold loan category Manappuram had in the initial years been the change agent by propagating the monetisation of ones idle gold jewellery. Gold Loans traditionally taken as a last measure to financing was seen as a distress product.

The new Online Gold Loan (OGL) campaign attempts to move it to ones preferred class of financial asset which has easy liquidity and convenience of use to meet the challenges of contemporary lifestyle. Hence the traditional segments of customers have expanded to meet ones different financial needs.

Key points of the campaign
The new OGL campaign aims to reposition the traditional concepts and culture of gold loan through technology based solutions. Also it challenges the traditional approach of male target group who were the main consumers of gold loan. This campaign attempts an inclusive approach to include the woman of the house who own the gold and support the male decision to monetise it for achieving life goals of better business, house, car or fulfilling her own dreams of being independent.

The new OGL brings with it the immense convenience of availing gold loan online or through the Smart mobile app. One can pledge ones gold jewellery with any of the 3300 branches of Manappuram Finance Ltd. after completing the necessary physical process. All subsequent transactions whether taking additional loans or repayment of interest can be done online or through the mobile app.

This offers a safety of ones gold jewellery as well as a hassle free, convenient way of monetising it at anytime anywhere and becomes a solution for meeting multiple financial needs.

Against this backdrop, the story focuses on "Smart" choices through different slices of life which unfolds with the protagonist in the role of an upcoming contractor man who finds his margin money for the completing his business/project by availing gold loan with Manappuram Finance.

The story also shows a couple who aspires to purchase a dream home or how easy it is for the family to buy a new car once you have your gold with Manappuram you can take the loan at your convenience over and above any other financing option.

Be it a self employed person who runs an Autorickshaw or a young tehcie for a start up, Online Gold Loan from Manappuram fulfils all the financial needs to meet ones aspirations for growth in life. It also shows that there is no need for technophobia due to the ease of the application can be used by anyone.

The peppy jingle based TVC with a signature dance step highlights the ease and contemporary nature of Manappuram's Online Gold Loan!

Thus the ad end with a tag line of "Sona Manappuram Locker mein hai toh, Kahi Kidar bhi Smart bane".

Manappuram has 8 celebrities ambassador who endorse the product with Akshay kumar for the Hindi Speaking belt, Jeetu Madnani - WB, Uttam Mohanty- Odisha, Sachin Khedekar - Marathi, Puneet Rajkumar- Karantaka, Venkatesh - AP/Telangana , Mohanlal for Kerala and Vikram for TN.

For further information please contact:

Meera Haridas
TEL: 0487-3050136