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RoofandFloor launches new marketing campaign

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Company Brief
National, March 17, 2017, the online real estate marketplace of The Hindu Group launched a new integrated marketing campaign called "Changing the way you buy a home" today. The campaign focuses on how RoofandFloor simplifies home buying for the consumer by supporting the entire journey - from discovery to shortlisting relevant homes to site visits, negotiations, verifications and booking a home.

"The search for a dream home for many is an emotional and collaborative process that culminates in a once-in-a-lifetime investment. RoofandFloor's smart home buyer intelligence platform, combined with the right amount of human touch through professional property advisors as well as the legacy of being part of The Hindu Group, makes it a trustworthy companion throughout the home buying journey of a user," said Gowri Shankar, CEO, RoofandFloor.

As part of the campaign, RoofandFloor has also released a new ad film that juxtaposes the bittersweet pain of leaving one's old house to the joy and jubilation of owning their dream home, while driving home the point that the user needs to be concerned only about the bare essentials; RoofandFloor will take care of the rest.

The campaign was conceptualized by Banana Brandworks, who was recently appointed as RoofandFloor's advertising agency. The campaign will be promoted extensively on digital channels, national newspapers and radio.

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