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For IPL 2017, Hike Messenger Launches "Caught Behind": Spicy and Exclusive 'Off The Field' Content on Cricket

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Company Brief
New Delhi, April 06, 2017

Hike Messenger, India's first homegrown messaging platform, today announced it has launched Caught Behind - behind the scenes videos, photos, moments and more, that give users pure, unadulterated and exclusive 'off the field' cricket content that they will enjoy. Caught Behind features cricket stars, some of the best known video jockeys like Chris

Gayle, DJ Bravo, Anusha Dandekar, and a lot more entertainment around cricket. Caught Behind on Hike Messenger is available across Android starting the evening of 5th April and on iOS starting 12th April, for the 2017 Indian Premier League.

Content on Caught Behind has flavours of humour, fun, passion, commitment, idiosyncrasies and jazz. Some upcoming entertainment around cricket on Caught Behind includes:
● Rapid fire questions on players' lives and their relationships
● Players reading tweets on their performance and on their style and reacting to them
● Challenges asking players to dance, impersonate dialogues, impersonate other players
and celebrities
● Role reversals between players and jockeys
● Foreign players taking Hindi speaking classes with the 'Lovely Taxi' driver a series of humorous exchanges
● And much more

Live Cricket Scores on "Hike Cricket": Apart from all of the above, users will be able to see live cricket scores on Hike on a completely new avatar of Hike Cricket, which includes cricket scores, games and much more. Users will also have a choice of over 50 expressive cricket based stickers both static and animated to express all that they want on cricket. Additionally, they will be able to use Live Filters to create their own Photo, Video or Text Stories around cricket to share their everyday moments with their friends and loved ones.

50 expressive cricket based stickersCelebrity Stories on Hike: Apart from Caught Behind, cricket celebrities like Chris Gayle, Bravo and KingsXI Punjab, and jockeys like Anusha Dandekar will be sharing their everyday moments over the cricketing season through video and photo updates on Stories on Hike.

Celebrity Stories on Hike start on 15th of April.

Commenting on the launch, company spokesperson at Hike Messenger said, "Cricket is one of the most celebrated games in India. With Caught Behind, we are excited to bring exclusive, snackable and fun entertaining cricket content to our users for IPL 2017!"

How to watch Caught Behind and Hike Cricket on Hike Messenger

To catch the fun around cricket, all you need to do is tap on the Caught Behind icon in the Stories tab of Hike Messenger.

To watch live cricket, or cricket highlights, or play cricket games, or use cricket stickers and more, all you need to do is tap on the Hike Cricket icon in the Stories tab of Hike Messenger. Update your app in case you haven't done it in a month to get Caught Behind and Hike Cricket.

Both Caught Behind and Hike Cricket are available on Android starting 5th April, and on iOS starting 12th April.

Caught Behind was conceptualized and executed with Motivator, a GroupM company, along with their production partner

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