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Aspiration launches Aspiration Plus

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Company Brief
Mumbai, July 28, 2017

It is led by Sarabjeet Sachar, the founder & CEO of Aspiration, a leading recruitment agency in Mumbai founded in 2002.

Aspiration Plus is a brand extension and offers comprehensive allied services related to a job search - resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, Job Search Assistance, assessment reports and video tutorials.

With Aspiration's experience in the recruitment space for over one and a half decade, the team appreciates that job search can be a very frustrating experience for most job seekers and the challenge gets bigger because 90% of job seekers use a traditional approach of hunting for a job. The Aspiration Plus team understands the pain points and with unique hand-holding services makes a job seeker's search journey optimally smooth and satisfying. Right from job search assistance to coaching on how to ace the interview to resume building and LinkedIn profile development, video tutorials, the whole approach is innovative and backed with out-of-the-box strategies, which attract the attention of prospective employers. Hence, the chances of receiving an interview call by the job seeker grows multifold and Aspiration Plus coaches professionals to handle the interview in a manner that they stand out as a candidate. A large number of job seekers have already registered for our services since the launch. The website is

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