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A new item from popular model GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT

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Company Brief
National, August 01, 2017


ASICS Tiger, the lifestyle brand that fuses wellness x design x technology, this month introduces the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT, with a style clad in a more positive flavor. The key words are: WRAP THE STREET. In an age of diversity, the new item dominates the street, fitting wearers who freely express themselves without the constraints of the norm.

The GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT is new for the 2017 Spring-Summer collection. The novel stag beetle motif first appeared with the GEL series that introduced the unique integrated tongue and upper monosock structure of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER in a knit material. The GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT's soft knit texture provides a comfortable fit, and the black and white monotone colors make for a vivid debut.

SPACE DYE, a single multi-hued thread, is used in the knit portion of the GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT model. A rubber ASICS stripes accent the sides, while the soft, warm feel and openness of the positive color patterns resonate with the free spirit of the streets. The model, which calls to mind exciting vibrations, like the many joyful and heart-wrenching events of life, will mark the season.

Model outline

The upper of ASICS Tiger's iconic model the GEL-KAYANO Trainer is offered in a knit fabric with the 2017 Spring-Summer model GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT. The new knit portion is made of a single thread dyed multiple colors using SPACE DYE technology. The classic performance using soft textures for fit and hold is still the same, and the model is available in a lineup of unique color patterns that match the wearer's free sense, contrasting with the minimal tones of the 2017 Spring-Summer season.

ASICS Tiger 2017 Autumn - Winter theme: "WRAP THE STREET "
ASICS Tiger's 2017 Autumn - Winter theme is WRAP THE STREET. In the image video, the knit texture of GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT (Space dye) has broken free and mysteriously encroaches into a town. Then, the intensely independent heroine who lives in the pupil of an eye appears. In times of diversity, the new model that fits expressive people and celebrates free sensibilities envelops the inorganic asphalt jungle with organic form. The video will be viewable on social media platforms.

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