Shiloo Chattopadhyay, Debi Basu rejoin Mode

By , agencyfaqs! | In | October 01, 2004
Mode Modellers have been signed up by as many as 20 clients across Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the first three months of operations

Shiloo Chattopadhyay and Debi Basu, the two ex-joint managing directors of TNS India, have rejoined Mode, or Mode Modellers, to be more precise. Incidentally, both Chattopadhyay and Basu were the founders of Mode, when it started in 1981. The company was then known as Mode Services and was set up in Kolkata.

Both Chattopadhyay and Basu have been witness to the series of changes that Mode went through. The first happened In 1997, when French agency Sofres made an investment into Mode and the company changing its name to Sofres-Mode.

In the very next year, Sofres was bought over by UK-based international agency, Taylor Nelson AGB. Sofres-Mode subsequently became TNS-Mode (Taylor-Nelson-Sofres-Mode) in 2000.

Then, In 2003, when globocorp TNS bought over US-based NFO for a greater push to its American operations, the company also bought a 100 per cent stake in the Indian operations. This was how TNS India was formed.

Mode Modellers, where Chattopadhyay and Basu have joined, essentially comprise a breakaway group of TNS India and include erstwhile employees of Mode. The company started its operation from June 2004, when more than 80 executives quit TNS India en masse.

Meanwhile, Mode Modellers has also announced the launch of its Social Research company Mode Services. Prof P P Talwar, formerly with the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, will be the chairman of Mode Services.

"Our social research company, Mode Services, has been revived because of growing concern for quality of data, routine reporting and general type of recommendation in researches. These have not been able to make adequate impact on our social programmes. Mode Services has come up with a mission and promise to our clients of extremely good-quality data, programme focussed reporting and practical, programmatic and pragmatic recommendations," Talwar said.

"In the first few months of our operation, we have received excellent responses from the market. With Shiloo and Debi joining the group, it will only increase the momentum," Kalyanmoy Chatterjee, CEO, Mode Modellers, said.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, Chatterjee said, Mode Modellers have been signed up by as many as 20 clients across the three cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the first three months of operations.

"We are very excited with the work, we are doing for NDTV India. As a run-up to the forthcoming Maharashtra elections, we have already interviewed 30,000 respondents in round 1, and another 30,000 will be questioned in round 2. This is the scale of operations that Mode revels at...," he added.

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