Pepsi launches Gatorade, rehydration and sports nutrition beverage

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Last updated : October 20, 2004
The unique Gatorade Lemon will now be available in on-the-go 500 ml PET bottles at popular gyms, clubs and fitness centers in Delhi and Mumbai

Pepsi has launched the rehydration and sports nutrition beverage Gatorade, which has for more than 35 years dominated the worldwide sports beverage industry and is today considered to be a basic part of sports equipment by many health practitioners,

coaches, athletic trainers and athletes.

Gatorade was formulated by researchers at the University of Florida in 1965 to help their football team prevent dehydration, when they played in the swamp-like heat. The Florida Gators enjoyed a winning season as the 'second-half team' when appeared rejuvenated in the second half and completely outplay their fatigued opponents in the game. Thus it came to be called as the Gator-ade.

Gatorade is scientifically formulated and athletically proven to replace fluids and provide energy to working muscles. It is the most researched beverage on the market for athletes and active individuals. By offering a scientifically validated blend of carbohydrates (6 per cent carbohydrate solution) and electrolytes (sodium and potassium), Gatorade stimulates fluid absorption, helps the body maintain fluid balance, provides energy to working muscles and helps enhance athletic performance.

Gatorade, which is used by sportspersons in nearly 50 countries, is being endorsed in India by Mohammad Kaif and Irfan Pathan - two talented cricketers known for their supreme fitness and athleticism in the field, and Andrew Leipus, the highly-regarded physiotherapist of the Indian cricket team.

According to Kaif, "I know Gatorade works. It keeps me re-hydrated under intense conditions." In the words of Irfan, "the coach demands a bit more, the team demands a bit more, the nation demands a bit more. Gatorade gives that 'bit more'."

Leipus concurs, saying "I know that Gatorade really works. The boys have started to put in that 'extra' bit. Irfan, the team's fast bowler and Kaif, an ace fielder, face intense physical pressure. I trust Gatorade® as their re-hydrant and 'the edge' for these guys. I can see it work on them, on field and off the field during their rigorous training sessions and fitness camps."

Says Rajeev Bakshi, chairman, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd, "Gatorade clearly continues Pepsi's tradition of consistently delivering innovative new categories and products that cater to every need and occasion. Gatorade, the world's top sports drink, adds muscle to our strong portfolio of brands. It has been created with the needs of active people in mind. Our research shows that more and more active people are trying to stay physically fit today and they know the importance of staying hydrated while being active. And, Gatorade® does just that."

According to Subroto Chattopadhyay, executive director, PepsiCo India, "The health and fitness movement in India has clearly gained momentum with consumers embracing a lifestyle that includes sports and exercise as part of the feel good way of life. The emergence of high-quality gyms, fitness and aerobic centers mirror the fitness trend. The scientifically proven Gatorade formula keeps athletes and active people hydrated in every scenario. Elite athletes like Michael Jordan, and Brett Lee have contributed to this research. In India, the Gatorade Science Institute is working with Andrew Leipus, the celebrated physio of the Indian cricket team, to take fitness levels to new heights."

As part of the initial activation drive, Pepsi has specially formed a 'Sweat Force' of professional physical trainers that has been visiting various 'points of sweat', through gymnasiums, health & fitness centers, aerobic centers, hotels with gym facilities and sports clubs. The unique Gatorade Lemon will now be available in on-the-go 500 ml PET bottles at popular gyms, clubs and fitness centers in Delhi and Mumbai at an introductory price of Rs 45.

Says Nisha Varma, master trainer and fitness consultant, who is guiding the Gatorade team of trainers, "The scientifically proven Gatorade formula replaces what athletes lose in sweat and rehydrates, replenishes and refuels their bodies when they need it most."

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First Published : October 20, 2004
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