RMG David collaborates with NID to create doodle-inspired website

By , agencyfaqs! | In | November 08, 2004
The objective was to do away with presentations of boring corporate credentials

Hardly four years old, WPP's RMG David is already planning a makeover.

Along with a new company identity, the agency has announced an unusual office for its New Delhi branch and the launch of its website www.rmgdavidindia.com.

Earlier this year, RMG David had launched its new business cards, which apparently have become something of a 'collector's item' among clients, industry people and suppliers. "Our cards carry our pictures as we used to look like as children along with regular photographs. This is to remind ourselves and our clients that true inventiveness comes from going back to the childhood days," says Josy Paul, country manager and national creative director, RMG David.

He goes on to say, "You can't get more inventive or have a more fertile imagination than a six-year old. While it's important to be disciplined about work, it's equally important not to take ourselves too seriously. The minute you do that, you're one of the goliaths, you're reduced to being another yuppie trying to make it in advertising."

Keeping with the idea of play, Sumir Tagra, still a student at National Institute of Design (NID), and Jiten Thukral, creative group head at RMG David, New Delhi, designed the website using doodles, one of the most primitive and yet most fundamental forms of art in the world. "The effort has also impressed Tagra's professors at NID. They have decided to accept this work as part of his final year thesis," informs Paul.

Talking about the need for this kind of an initiative, Nirmal Pulickal, associate creative director, RMG David, New Delhi, who coordinated the entire exercise, says, "The objective was to do away with presentations of boring corporate credentials, which, being RMG David, we're required to do very often."

He further adds, "When you're as accomplished as say, Ogilvy, nobody asks you for credentials. When you're RMG David, people want to know more. Who are these guys? What do they do? So the exercise has been more than mere candyfloss for us. It was an essential business tool."

It's hard to tell whether this makeover will excite the imagination of the agency's clients. But for the moment, and especially for the agency's Delhi office, life is a bowl of cherries.

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