Dainik Jagran gets aggressive in Bihar and Jharkhand

By , agencyfaqs! | In | November 29, 2004
While the publication has introduced new supplements and columns, it has also chalked out aggressive marketing plans for these two states

After consolidating its position in Punjab, Dainik Jagran's focus is on Bihar and Jharkhand now. While the publication has made some editorial changes by introducing new supplements and columns, it has also chalked out aggressive marketing plans for these two states.

Dainik Jagran has recently launched a new supplement, Kasauti, in Bihar and Jharkhand. "This supplement," says Sunil Gupta, director, Dainik Jagran, "aims to fulfill the needs and aspirations of our intellectual readers." The four-page, all-colour supplement, which accompanies the main paper every Friday, dedicates each issue to a subject that is the talk of the town at that moment. Experts from the particular field lay out their viewpoints on the subject. Gupta says, "The write-ups explore both the negative and positive aspects; so our readers get an unbiased opinion."

The newspaper has also introduced some new sections to draw readers. 'Subah Hone Tak' is one such column where the newspaper brings cases of corruption and irregularity in public utilities such as police stations or government hospitals under the spotlight. Gupta says, "A team of senior journalists roam the city from late night till early morning looking for cases of negligence."

Similarly, 'Dard Yahan Bhi Hain' reports on complaints registered by common readers against various state departments. Through 'Suraksha Kawach', Jagran hopes to reward readers for their faith in the publication. This column not only reports on incidents of terror and threat by local goons, it also tries to help victims in its own way.

Dainik Jagran is upbeat about its growth in Bihar. The publication has recorded a circulation growth of 22.5 per cent in the state between ABC July-December 2003 and ABC January-June 2004. This is the highest growth registered by a Hindi or an English daily (according to ABC website as on November 27 2004). The growth in readership is no less remarkable. According to IRS 2003 Round 2, the readership of Dainik Jagran in Bihar reached 18.08 lakh, growing at 14.5 per cent over the previous round. Gupta says, "We have become a strong contender for the number one position in Bihar in the first year of launch."

To keep up the tempo of growth in the state, the publication has launched a marketing campaign, 'Operation Dhamaka'. Under this, it offers readers a 'scratch coupon scheme' which promises attractive prizes. In case a reader doesn't get a prize, he gets a loyalty coupon and for every four loyalty coupons collected, the reader gets a prize. Gupta says, "There is a prize for every reader and this ensures their participation; that is, increased readership and circulation for us."

Interactive events such as Ru-ba-Ru, Pathak Manch, Pathak Panel are also part of its marketing plan. "These events are open forums where people and the district administration appear on the same platform to discuss issues such as water supply, electricity supply, healthcare, education and family welfare issues," adds Gupta.

For Jharkhand, the publication has introduced a similar marketing activity branded Junoon-e-Jharkhand. The publication plans to take the recently launched Junior Jagran to these states in a few months.

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