Ma Foi turns blue

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The company has adopted a new identity that is "crisper and younger" and is in two shades of blue

Recruitment firm Ma Foi Management Consultants has adopted a new corporate identity.

The change in identity, primarily the logo, was necessitated to project a "contemporary Ma Foi", says K Pandia Rajan, managing director of the company.

Basically solid geometric figures that characterised the old logo have given way to greater vibrancy in the new logo. Blue is the dominant colour in the new logo signifying "knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness", says Rajan. "It stands for quiet wisdom and steady progress, which is what we want to convey," he says.

Ma Foi, for the uninitiated, is a 13-year-old recruitment firm headquartered in Chennai. The company is part of the Vedior group, which is one of the largest full-service recruitment providers in the world. It has 42 offices in the country and five overseas subsidiaries.

One of the main reasons for initiating the logo change, says Rajan, was to position the company as a global brand.

Alongside, the company has also reengineered its business divisions to help it be "sharply-focused".

Under the mother brand - Ma Foi Management Consultants - are three divisions: Ma Foi Consulting Solutions Limited (MCSL), Ma Foi Global Search Services Limited (MGSSL) and Ma Foi Academy.

MCSL offers services "at the higher end of HR" in the areas of consulting, executive search and BPO & technology head hunting. MGSSL, on the other hand, is a placement service for the overseas market, while the Ma Foi Academy is into education and career training.

The logos of these divisions are represented in different colours - MCSL in blue and orange, MGSSL in blue and silver and the training academy in blue and green.

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