Limca welcomes life with tingling freshness

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Last updated : March 15, 2005
Freshness, as the new identity of Limca, is the new message that the brand is beaming through its latest communication

A waterless sky. Mercury rising. The earth cracking up. Beads of sweat swelling from parched pores and throats drying up. There seems to be no respite from the heat.

That's when Limca makes its entry as a saviour of sorts. A couple of swigs later, clouds burst into blissful shower, banana plantations sprout from fertile grounds, and the earth is flush with slush and puddles. Life's like a delectable peach.

Indeed, freshness is the new identity of Limca, which was firmly rooted in the thirst quencher positioning until recently. Sonali Bendre desperately sought Limca in an arid habitation because the campaign zeroed on the proposition: 'When it is thirst, Limca comes first'.

But the summer of 2005 has Limca unfolding a 'fresh' perspective to its cloudy 'Lime 'n' Lemoni' existence. Here's how.

Conceived by Manoj Shetty, creative controller, Ogilvy & Mather, and directed by Prakash Verma of Nirvana Films, the film showcases a young woman's experience of Limca through a visual metaphor for freshness.

A lorry trundles along on a country dirt road somewhere in Goa. Inside, a familiar face Deepika Padukone takes a sip of Limca and suddenly the lifeless surroundings quicken with a romantic pulse. It starts to rain. After alighting from the bus, Padukone abandons the umbrella for the moisty pleasures, playfully splashes the water from a puddle, and soon finds herself in dense green banana plantation.

By now, there is just one drop of Limca left - stubbornly clinging to the mouth of the bottle. The girl won't give up. She's keen to experience the joy of freshness one more time. The drop is shaken out of its obstinacy and once more, the tingling freshness descends on Padukone. The advert ends with the words, 'Mazaa taazgi ka'.

After being a plain-vanilla thirst quencher for more than two decades now, Limca felt it was time to move on and occupy a more refreshing platform. "We realised that it was time to take one step forward and to occupy a more powerful platform - the joy of freshness," explain Coca-Cola executives.

According to company executives, the thirst-quencher positioning had almost become generic to the category. That was the prime reason why the positioning had to change and Limca had to be associated with a unique experience. "In that context, the idea was to give Limca's positioning a new angle," spells out Shetty.

Freshness seemed to be the ideal expression for Limca. "Limca owns a unique space in the mind of the consumer. With its cloudy look and distinct Lime 'n' Lemoni taste, it invokes a sensory and emotional experience - rich with coolness and rejuvenation, as indicated by our consumer insights. So we decided to capture the feeling of freshness and make it central to Limca's positioning. The film draws a parallel between a sip of Limca and a summer drizzle. Think of a cool summer drizzle. The feeling of freshness it creates leads to a very special state of mind. This mind space is the Limca mind space, and a sip of Limca is an invitation to explore this joyful experience," say Coke executives.

The brand will be beaming its latest communication at 9 pm today on key national Hindi C&S channels. Supporting the TVC is outdoor and radio. In fact, there are going to be Telugu edits for the TVC as well.

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First Published : March 15, 2005
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