Most English publications slip in IRS Round 1, 2005

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Last updated : March 16, 2005
Except for Hindustan Times and Outlook in the top 10 list, all publications have slipped in readership

Is the Queen's language losing its shine? Going by the readership statistics (IRS 2005, Round 1, urban and rural market) of the top 10 English publications in the country, it would definitely seem so.

Except for Hindustan Times and Outlook in the top 10 list, all publications have slipped in readership..

Hindustan Times' readership has grown by 3.9 per cent to 23.77 lakh readers, but its position from the previous round remains unaltered at number 3.

Outlook has also grown by 2.9 per cent, taking its readership figure to 12.58 lakhs. The weekly has also jumped one position to the ninth position.

Although The Times of India retains its number one position, its readership has marginally declined by 0.66 per cent. In absolute numbers, The Times of India' readership stands at 70.51 lakhs.

At number two, India Today has declined by 3.55 per cent to 40.47 lakh readers. In the previous round its readership was 41.97 lakhs.

The Hindu, which is the fourth largest read English publication in the country, has also declined by 2.7 per cent. As per the current IRS reports, its readership is 26.69 lakhs.

Readers' Digest has been able to retain its fifth position, even after declining by 2.24 per cent. Its readership now stands at 23.62 lakhs in comparison to 24.16 lakhs of the previous round.

General Knowledge Today and Filmfare have interchanged their positions from the previous IRS rounds. In spite of its decline in readership by 1.87 per cent, General Knowledge Today has gained one position at number six. The reason behind this is that Filmfare's readership has declined by 9.84 per cent pushing it to the seventh position.

As per IRS 2005, Round 1, Filmfare's readership has gone down to 22.17 lakhs from 24.59 lakhs in the previous round. In terms of absolute numbers, its readership has declined by 2.42 lakhs.

Competition Success Review has maintained its eighth position with a readership of 20.06 lakh readers. However, its readership has also marginally declined by 1.33 per cent.

With Stardust being replaced by Outlook from the ninth position, it has moved to the tenth position with a readership of 12.43 lakhs. Its readership has declined by 8.1 per cent from 13.53 lakhs readers in the previous round.

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First Published : March 16, 2005
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