Vyas Giannetti Creative scores a double whammy

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | March 16, 2005
The agency is on a deservingly high

Vyas Gianetti Creative (VGC) has picked up the ECO-India Award (silver) and the Rajasthan Patrika Award recently.

The ECO-India Award has been established by ECO-India, an organisation working towards creating awareness of environmental and ecological responsibilities. ECO-India had invited individuals and advertising agencies from the country India to send in their communication solutions on tackling vehicular pollution.

Sameer Murudkar conceptualised, wrote, produced and directed the winning commercial for ECO-India. The film shows a pregnant couple walking near a road full of cars spewing out fumes. The husband puts his ear to the wife's tummy expecting to hear the baby's heartbeat. Instead he hears the unexpected sound of his unborn child coughing. The commercial which will soon air on national television, was one of the 64 films to be judged.

The Rajasthan Patrika Concerned Communicator award, on the other hand, was awarded to the best public service ad. Rajasthan Patrika held the competition on a large scale to mark its 50th anniversary celebrations.

VGC's Kiran Parihar (art) and Patanjali Patnaik (copy) were responsible for the creative. The public service ad used strong visuals to educate the masses about how dangerous promiscuity is. The ad showed four beds followed by a bier. The line said "Wake up to the threat of AIDS. Stick to one partner."

Added Niket Karvir, creative director, VGC, "The spirit of the boys need to be commended, as they took the onus on themselves not only to conceptualise the creative but also to go out and produce the same, this sets the ground to an exciting year ahead at Vyas Giannetti Creative."

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