Lowe launches Strategy Division

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | April 12, 2005
Division to include eight experienced brand strategists, assisted by a team of twenty other strategy planners for providing comprehensive strategic inputs to clients

Lowe India has revamped its strategic planning services with the launch of Strategy Division.

The Strategy Division will be manned by eight experienced brand strategists, most of whom have over ten years experience in advertising, marketing research and marketing.

The brand strategists will be assisted by a team of twenty other strategy planners across the agency.

There has been a role redefinition of the brand strategists. A strategist at Lowe will go beyond formulation of brand communication strategies; s/he will also be impacting and adding value to brand marketing strategy as well as channel strategy. Therefore, the clients would get more comprehensive strategic input on their brands.

Lowe is passionately focused on achieving disproportionate growth of brands it handles. The new structure would ensure that there is rigor in understanding the business issues and hurdles to growth, before coming up with the advertising strategy and creative output. Also, planners would guide the teams into producing through the line executions, where needed, rather than just mass media campaigns.

The Strategic Division will embark upon a number of knowledge projects on an ongoing basis. These projects would focus on observing changing consumer and market trends in the overall area of marketing and communication .

For example, Lowe has just released the results of 'Lowe Faces of Asia', which is a part of an Asia Pacific Regional study covering countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines, in addition to India.

The Indian 'Faces' focuses on the housewives in urban areas and builds a comprehensive picture of their values, lifestyles, media habits and product consumption behaviour.

"Our Strategists will complete at least five more knowledge projects like Faces during the current year and share the knowledge with our clients", says Pranesh Misra, President and Chief Operating Officer at Lowe.

"We have always believed in an outstanding creative product and will continue to do so. The strategy division will add another significant dimension to our service offering and hopefully build another point of differential for the agency," he adds. 2005 agencyfaqs!

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