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Last updated : April 21, 2005
Every creative - film, outdoor, press as well as postcard campaigns - will be presented at the exhibition 'Great ads for a better future' at the Cannes festival

ACT (Advertising Community Together) has invited the participation of advertising agencies, advertisers, associations and NGOs around the world to showcase creative campaigns related to sustainable development and global solidarity, published since 2003.

The possible themes would include global solidarity, climate change and atmospheric issues, biodiversity, growing shortage and pollution of drinkable water, management of biological and energy resources, renewable energy, degradation of soils, biological agriculture, desertification and drought, seas and oceans, management of fresh water, degradation of landscapes, waste management and recycling, food security and health, consumption and production patterns, health, obesity prevention and fight against overconsumption, poverty, ecological transport management, sustainable tourism, fair trade, capacity building, education and awareness, fight against discrimination (sexism, racism, handicap), green products & services, socially responsible funds & investments, and social and labour rights.

The 2005 initiative is done in partnership with the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP).

Every creative - film, outdoor, press as well as postcard campaigns - submitted will be presented at the exhibition 'Great ads for a better future' in the Palais des Festivals during the forthcoming Cannes festival between June 21 and June 26 .

The palm 'ACT Cannes'Dove', elected by exhibition visitors, will pay tribute to the
favourite campaigns and will be handed out by Bernard Brochand, deputy mayor of the city of Cannes.

The exhibition poster on the theme 'Nature expects a lot from advertising', created
by Publicis Consultants, Paris, will be presented next week.

Interested participants may log on to and submit their work online.

ACT is a non-profit initiative that was launched in 2001, after 9/11, by in an effort to use the global reach of the AdForum website to illustrate how social marketing and advertising can promote good causes. Its goal is to "federate and promote the positive involvement of thousands of advertising professionals in the world, contributing to make the world a better place." The annual ACT Responsible exhibit is produced by in partnership with major advertising agencies and marketing organizations throughout the world. 2005 agencyfaqs!

First Published : April 21, 2005

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