Mobile, Net users are critical for successful film marketing: Study

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Last updated : May 06, 2005
With the number of interactive users in India on the rise, ignoring them is next to impossible, says a research report by the Internet & Online Association

The number of Internet and mobile users in the age-group of 20-40 years in India will increase from the current 37 million to 165 million in the next three years, says an Internet & Online Association (IOA) study.

This means a sizeable number of young people will get savvy with the Internet and mobile phones. What this also implies is reaching out to them is important for most marketers since the 20-40 years age-group is a key demographic.

For film marketers, this takes a new dimension because most young people love watching movies. Hence skewing advertising online or looking at e-commerce opportunities (such as selling movie merchandise online or e-ticketing) or simply establishing connect with them over the Net or a mobile phone is a great way of driving one's marketing plan, says the IOA research report.

The study, conducted in March-April this year by Cross-Tab Marketing Services, covers 6,200 online users across age-groups. Respondents were from different parts of the country, with the overall metro:non-metro spread being 51:49.

Findings of the study indicate that 55 per cent of the sample size watches more than one movie per month in theatres. "Twenty-nine per cent spend time on the net for 5-10 hours per week as opposed to 18 per cent of online users who listen to radio for the same time, or 34 per cent who watch TV, and 46 per cent who read newspapers," says Preeti Desai, president, IOA.

Of the people surveyed, 70 per cent watch Hindi films, while 57 per cent are English movie buffs. What's more? Forty-four per cent of users believe that a film's online participation (in terms of a website, promo etc) influence their decision to watch movies.

"A whopping 90 per cent access the Net for movie information and reviews," says Desai. Another 72 per cent book their tickets in advance, while 73 per cent have a propensity to buy online.

Again, in terms of movies telecast on TV, 77 per cent prefer Hindi films, 70 per cent go for English movies and 26 per cent like regional cinema. Some 50 per cent of users base their decisions to watch a movie on TV by simply channel surfing, while 37 per cent pre-decide.

In terms of movie content on mobiles, 47 per cent are comfortable paying for such value-added services and do not mind SMS contests and alerts, while 70 per cent prefer movie ringtones. 2005 agencyfaqs!

First Published : May 06, 2005
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