Shivjeet Kullar's K-Factor sets up Trineon

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Last updated : June 02, 2005
As opposed to K-factor, which is into lifestyle brands, Trineon will be a more "earthy" agency

Delhi-based creative shop K-Factor has spawned another creative boutique, Trineon.

The decision to set up a new agency was apparently prompted by K-Factor facing a deluge of businesses, and the agency's inability to pick up and service businesses belonging to a different genre.

Shivjeet Kullar, the man behind both the enterprises, says Trineon will operate from a separate premises and will have a different creative team. "I will be the only common factor between the two set-ups," he says.

Arvind Bugga will be one of the key persons in Trineon. With over 25 years of experience in advertising, Bugga has worked in Ulka and Everest.

The name of the agency has its genesis in tri (third) and nayan (eye) and inspired by the thought of Lord Shiva's Third Eye, explains Kullar. "I see it as the eye of creativity," Bugga adds.

As opposed to K-factor, which is into lifestyle brands, Trineon will be a more "earthy" agency, the duo say.

Ever since K-Factor was set up a year ago, the team, Kullar claims, has been facing a deluge of work. Recent creative businesses include Evolv Systems, Radisson Shimla, Showtime Events, FIL Industries ltd, StarX Wines and JK Lakshmi Cement.

"In the recent past, we have almost refused as much businesses as we have signed on," says Moon, creative director, K-Factor. "There were two reasons for this," she adds. "The first was that we were genuinely overworked, while the second was that the prospective businesses did not exactly fit the profile of clients that we wanted to specialise in."

That's why K-Factor chose to address the problem in a different manner. "We want to keep the core team tight and compact. So, instead of expanding K-Factor, we are promoting the second agency," Kullar says. 2005 agencyfaqs!

First Published : June 02, 2005

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