Arms Communications clinches deal to export artworks

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Last updated : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
The agency has picked up two artwork assignments from New York-based advertising agencies

Delhi-based Arms Communications has picked up a couple of artwork assignments from two New York agencies. & & BANNER1 & #

This is how it is going to work: The art directors of these two international agencies are going to email the brief and the design to the graphic designers at Arms; the work will be then executed as per the brief in ready-to-print format. This will require very little creative input since the job is mostly mechanical in nature. Once the artwork is ready, it will be emailed back to the agency or to the printing company directly.

According to Reet Ahluwalia of Arms Communications, it is a matter of time when artwork outsourcing becomes a full-fledged business in the country. "Can you imagine the number of brochures and catalogues that are printed internationally? It is huge! Artwork outsourcing is what will generate volumes." He adds, creative outsourcing will take another 10 years to take off. "The high-voltage action is in artwork outsourcing."

Ahluwalia says it is a safer bet for the international agencies to outsource artwork because executing that kind of work hardly requires creativity. "It will take time for these international agencies to have confidence in our creatives. Doing an artwork, on the other hand, is simply processing work."

Artwork outsourcing is an attractive proposition for the UK and US-based agencies for the very obvious reason - money. Getting the artwork job done is India would cost the agencies 60 to 70 per cent less than what they usually end up coughing up otherwise.

While economies of scale is one advantage, the other is speed of delivery. "We are awake when Americans go off to sleep. So, when the art director sends us the brief and goes home, we work because of the time difference. The next morning, when the director comes to office, he gets the work - all ready and polished. This saves time and money as well," says Ahluwalia.

Being an associate of two global networks - IN Worldwide network and Transworld Advertising Agency Network - Arms Communications has access to over 100 advertising agencies.

Ahluwalia explains that it only makes sense chasing independent agencies and not those affiliated or part of a global agency network as these agencies have their own artwork studios, which can be leveraged by the group. "It is the independent agencies that need such facilities," he says.

He is looking forward to US, UK and Australian advertising agencies along with print production houses coming to India for outsourcing their artwork and web design jobs.

"Do you know US Direct Mailing Agencies are looking at cost savings options by outsourcing artworks and printing of mailers to India?" he asks.

"If the world is outsourcing to India, why not advertising agencies? We will begin with work in English, but French and German will be next " says Rati Bawa, creative head of the outsourcing work at Arms.

"We expect to generate business of more than $2 million in the very first year. A state-of-the-art infrastructure will soon be ready to download jobs from around the world at our new office in Arms House, Okhla, Delhi," Ahluwalia concludes. 2005 agencyfaqs!

First Published : September 25, 2014 04:04 PM
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