Tapan Pal, ex-CEO of Zenith Media, launches aMap

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aMap - Audience Measurement and Analytics - is an overnight television ratings system that provides TV viewership data

With the expansion of cable

television network and the proliferation of TV channels, it has become imperative for broadcasters, agencies and production houses to understand and know the extent of programme reach and audience feedback. Today, clients and agencies need a scientific way to assess which channels and programmes offer the most cost-effective reach. Speed is also of paramount importance.

Recognising the need for cost-effective reach, Tapan Pal, ex-president and CEO, Zenith Media has launched aMap - Audience Measurement and Analytics (P) Ltd - an innovative overnight television ratings system that provides TV viewership data.

aMap claims that it is the first in the country to give yesterday's ratings today - not just by demographics, but also by ownership, language spoken at home and many other parameters.

"Simply put, one can now know the viewing habits of housewives owning washing machines, or of chief wage earners owning a car. One can even zero in on TGs like college students, or even look at TV viewing of people who speak a certain language at home," says Pal, CEO, aMap.

Slated to be the most robust ratings system, aMap is set to measure across the Indian diaspora with at least 20,000-metered homes by 2006.

Currently reporting for Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad markets, aMap has started monitoring the Hindi belt of one million plus towns of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana/Punjab/Chandigarh/Himachal Pradesh and Kolkata.

Designed by Telecontrol GFK, aMap uses future-ready meters, which can measure DTH, CAS, Broadband and even viewing of a DVD. The meters have a GSM card in it, which is called by the central server at night.

The data is then transferred to the central server and analysed through the night. This is then released for all users to use. Data, thus gathered, is not only based on demographics like SEC, age, gender and C&S penetration but also on durable ownership, vehicle ownership, type of TV, size of household, occupation of individuals, monthly household income, children at home, chief wage earner, education of individuals etc.

Commenting on the launch of the Hindi belt operations and the future of aMap in India, Pal says, "The industry has shown tremendous encouragement at the launch of an alternative rating system. With our launch in the Hindi heartland, aMap will now be geared to provide data across 2000-metered homes. Very soon, we will also be offering psychographic data, which will help the industry slice data even better. Data on an overnight basis will only help its users to take faster remedial action. Now, one can see how a campaign is progressing on a daily basis and make quicker changes. Broadcasters can take programming & marketing decisions overnight that will help increasing revenues steadily"

aMap has been brought to India by DecisionCraft Analytics. A company release says it is a high-end mathematical, data modelling and intelligent decision support system. Its client-list include General Motors, DSP Merrill Lynch, Cable and Wireless, and the United Nations Development programme. Currently, aMap has around 50 installations at the end of most broadcasters, agencies and advertisers.

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