TAM to scale up TV AdEx operations

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Last updated : July 05, 2005
TAM's AdEx plans to monitor the advertising on more than 150 channels by the end of 2005

TAM Media Research is ramping up operations in a big way. After announcing its plans to increase the number of

peoplemeters across class 1 towns in India, the research company is set to scale up its television ad monitoring service, TV AdEx.A senior TAM India executive says, "We plan to track the last advertising rupee in the Indian media industry."

At present, TAM measures 250 channels for viewership ratings, while its division AdEx India monitors 117 channels for advertising expenditure analysis. TAM plans to monitor advertising of more than 150 channels by the end of 2005. And by the end of 2006, it hopes to reach the 300-channel mark. A roadmap for this expansion is being worked out at its Mumbai headquarters.

Apart from increasing the number of channels that are being monitored, TAM is upgrading the services of AdEx. Atul Phadnis, vice-president, TAM Media Research, says, "Till date, AdEx has been capturing every ad and programme on TV. Now planners want us to monitor every sponsorship element, innovation, and brand sighting and product placement on television. In addition, broadcasters are demanding that AdEx should capture promos, channel and programme branding elements besides content elements. Given this, AdEx India is gearing up for new technology, infrastructure, training and development for its talent pool."

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First Published : July 05, 2005
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