Consumer Affairs ministry short-lists agencies

By , agencyfaqs! | In Advertising | July 07, 2005
Sources say, agencies in the short-list will be required to make another round of presentations around July 15

The Consumer Affairs ministry has short-listed a & #BANNER1 & # few agencies for its Rs 70 crore account. The ministry had recently called for a pitch.

Sources say, agencies in the short-list include Mudra, Everest and AK&I. Agencies in the short-list will be required to make another round of presentations around July 15, following which the ministry will empanel two agencies by end-August. AK&I, a sister concern of IB&W, is the incumbent agency.

agencyfaqs! had earlier reported that a host of agencies had participated in the creative pitch.

The ministry's objective is to create confident consumers in an environment that promotes good and accurate information flows between suppliers and consumers, resulting in consumers transacting with confidence.

The selected agencies are expected to help out the ministry in reaching out to the consumers.

The ministry's work covers the development of consumer policy including consumer protection, product safety and weights and measures, provision of appropriate, accurate and accessible information, education and advice for consumers and businesses on consumer laws and issues, along with investigation of unsafe consumer products.

It also covers provision of advice on consumer representation, including a consumer representation nomination service to government departments and agencies, administration of a range of consumer legislation and enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act 1987.

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