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Last updated : July 19, 2005
Among the 46 agencies that had participated in the pitch, O&M, Lintas IMAG, Air Ads, Triton, Rashtriya and Pamm have been signed on

The Council of Scientific & Industrial

Research (CSIR) has awarded its advertising business to six agencies - O&M, Lintas IMAG, Airads, Triton, Rashtriya Advertising, and Pamm Advertising.

DS Bedi, head, unit for science dissemination, CSIR, told agencyfaqs!: "Out of the 46 agencies that had participated in the pitch, these are the six which have been empanelled."

There have been media reports suggesting the inclusion of a seventh agency - Newfields Advertising - in the list. However, no confirmation was available on this issue.

When asked about the size of the business, Bedi said, "For the last five years, CSIR has been spending around Rs 3 crore on advertising and promotions. Even this year, our media budget will be of a similar size. However, the spends may rise, if we release a few ministerial ads."

He added, "We generally advertise on print, but this time we also plan to have a television commercial as part of our image building exercise."

The main purpose of these ads is to educate the general public about the findings of the scientific research institute, which are useful in a common man's life. As Bedi explained, "We want to bring science and research closer to the masses."

Ashish Bhasin, Director, IMAG, Lintas India, said, "We are in the process of devising comprehensive communication plans for science dissemination. Our integrated marketing offering has been well received by the client."

According to industry sources, the pitch process began one-and-a-half months back. The selected agencies have been empanelled for a year and the work on the account will begin shortly.

CSIR provides scientific industrial research and development that maximises economic, environmental and societal benefits for Indians.

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First Published : July 19, 2005
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