K-Factor, Richmond Homes gear up to battle schizophrenia

The agency is churning its creative best for all the right reasons this time

Delhi-based creative shop K-Factor will lend

its creative expertise to help Richmond Fellowship, a worldwide organisation that specialises in treating mentally challenged people. The agency, normally associated with lifestyle brands, has pledged to help the Richmond Homes Foundation raise Rs 50 lakh for the construction of a new home in Noida.

In Delhi, Richmond has been focussing on schizophrenia, which is a split personality disorder that can cause hallucinations, disorientation and loss of reality.

Estimates reveal that one per cent of the entire population suffers from schizophrenia and in Delhi alone, there are over one lakh people who suffer from this disorder. Those suffering from this disease are prone to taking their own life either deliberately or accidentally. However, there isn't much awareness and neither much has been done in educating the populace about this mental disorder.

Moon Agarwal, creative director, K-Factor, said, "Our first task is to create awareness for this condition. People are aware about AIDS, cancer and even juvenile diabetes, but not about schizophrenia. While movies such as 'A Beautiful Mind' has helped, a lot more needs to be done."

Creating mailers for corporates at free of cost is the first step, which K-Factor has taken. Subsequently, the agency is even persuading photographers and other skilled professionals to contribute to the cause. K-Factor also has plans for producing a commercial and approaching newspapers and halls for free space and air time.

"We need all the help we can get for this cause" added Shivjeet Kullar. "Anyone, who wants to help out in any way, is welcome. Please get in touch with us."

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First Published : August 02, 2005

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