ABN AMRO's Personal Banker connects with the common man

The Personal Banker is a person who promises to listen to the bank's customers and help him draft the financial plans

Rohit is the quintessential 'man with the Midas

touch' in the latest TVC from ABN AMRO Bank

The film has three protagonists airing their views about Rohit. It opens on a middle-aged man, who has apparently spent much of his career in sales. He is impressed by Rohit and says it in as many words. Coming from the person, who exactly knows what he wants, the appreciation is no small measure for Rohit's dedication.

In the second situation, a young professional puts across Rohit's ability to understand "what you really want", followed by a bachelor, who has recently purchased a house. Talking to Rohit over the phone, he is ecstatic over the fact that he has been able to afford a fantastic property. The ad ends with a voice-over: Every day Personal Bankers from ABN AMRO change the way people think about what to expect from a bank.

The new advertising campaign from ABN AMRO is built around the bank's promise of "making more possible" and takes forward the bank's recent initiative, the 'Personal Banker'.

Nitin Chopra, executive vice president, ABN AMRO India, says, "Launched in February, the 'Personal Banker' represents our bank's customer-centric philosophy and the promise of listening to the customer, understanding her needs and presenting financial solutions based on the requirements - in a manner that makes more possible."

ABN AMRO has come up with a set of three TVCs, using the Personal Banker as the face of the brand experience. The essence of the message being: Every ABN AMRO employee strives to deliver and will continue to do so. Consequently, the advertising attempts to position the bank in the marketplace in a manner that is advantageous, compelling and resonant with all its businesses and client interactions.

The campaign is also a major thrust amongst a series of initiatives to build visibility and strengthen the profile of the ABN AMRO brand in the Indian market.

Amitesh Rao, vice-president, Publicis India, adds, "The three sets of commercials aim to offer the customers a holistic financial planning. The entire idea was to come up with an ad that would connect with the common man on the street. The Personal Banker is a person who promises to listen to you and help you in drafting your financial plans. Through the Personal Banker, we want to reach out to a variety of consumers and not restrict to a particular segment and the same reflects in the ad."

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